The Cotton Castle Near The Bird Island

329 The Cotton Castle Near The Bird Island 0Kusadasi is a resort town in Turkey which is visited by thousands of tourists annually and it’s a preferred place by lovers of turquoise and crystal clear water, natural beauty and ancient history. Its name comes from the two Turkish words ‘kuş’ (bird) and ‘ada’ (island), hence the Bird Island. It’s a reference to the Guvercin Adası (“Pigeon Island”) which is the nearby islet which resembles a bird’s head when looked at from a certain angle and which is connected to the mainland of the town by a causeway. By the way, don’t get surprised when you hear very often locals call it simply Ada – they shorten the name.

K   U   S   A   D   A   S   I

The town has been ruled by the Greeks, Byzantine, Venetians and Genovese through the thousands of centuries and it still bears their imprints. A very humble example is the statue of Neptune/Poseidon which is a clear mark of the Greek and Roman times. Nowadays Kusadasi is a modern sea town where you can walk in the outer town and get lost among the numerous souvenir and jewelry shops, restaurants and cafés. Then your walk might continue along the Promenade where you stumble upon the Kusadasi Monument of Ataturk and Youth which is the symbol of peace and hope.

329 The Cotton Castle Near The Bird Island 10Another monument that symbolizes peace is the Hand of Peace Monument which is located within a close reach. It is in the form of a hand holding pigeons. By the way, it’s in a full harmony with the name of Kusadasi and the Guvercin Adası. As for the island itself, I mentioned above that it’s connected to the mainland through a causeway. Once there, you get nice and lovely views of Kusadasi and the port, you may drink coffee watching the azure sea and have a walk in the beautiful flower garden. And why not? You might also sunbathe and have a swim on the public(or on the private) beach there.

Normally Kusadasi, is a starting point for exploring two extremely famous historic and natural sights in Turkey. Which are they?  

P   A   M   U   K   K   A   L   E

Surely, one of the most spectacular natural cliffs are these of the western Turkish town of Pamukkale. These extremely white travertine terraces are well-known for being rich in thermal mineral waters. Pamukkale is a neighbor of the ancient Roman spa city called Hierapolis established in 190BC. It occupies a territory of 2km where there are well-preserved ruins like a theatre and a necropolis. As far as the antique pool is concerned, it is popular for its Roman columns that submerged due to an earthquake. Both Pamkkale and the ancient town of Hierapolis are one of the UNESCO sites of Turkey.

329 The Cotton Castle Near The Bird Island 20When you reach Pamukkale, for sure, you will see the extremely white travertine terraces that are 2700 metres long and are placed at a height of 160 metres and the views of them from a distance cannot be compared to any other place in the world. When you have a walk from terrace to terrace you will be amazed with the small natural pools which were created as a result of the slow and constant subterranean volcanic activity in the course of time. The water temperature is between 35° and 100° which, actually, turns the settlement into a spa and therapeutic centre.

Nowadays Pamukkale offers you one landscape whose dominant colour is white due to the limestone cliffs which look like marble and are similar to white clouds or beautiful cotton balls. This last comparison is not accident at all since Pamukkale really looks like a Cotton Castle.  Click-click


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