“Miss, You Thrill Me”, Said the Sea to the Moon ….

328 Miss, You Thrill Me, Said the Sea to the Moon .... 0…. and fishermen rushed to save their boats. What could be the reason? The everlasting love between the Sea and the Moon is really dangerous for these creatures whose life is dependent on it. But fishermen are not afraid of it at all because they are so accustomed to the caprices of their different-shades-of-blue master and his fiancée. They cannot live without him because he is il mare (sea) and they’re fishermen, la gente di mare (“people of the sea”) who live close to him in their tiny fishing villages.

328 Miss, You Thrill Me, Said the Sea to the Moon .... 1Their fishermen’s villages are also fascinating and very pretty. They are very often hugged between the sea and the mountain. When you visit such a place you have no other possibility but feel the sea at maximum. The salty smell and seagulls bring you into another world. The small port of such a village is dotted by old wooden boats. Some of them are colourfully painted; the rest are in a single colour only.  Sometimes you see them arranged like soldiers along the small port. At a time they are floating without any order here and there near the shore. But in both cases, they create a spectacular view which leaves you memories for life.

328 Miss, You Thrill Me, Said the Sea to the Moon .... 2When you step on the main street of such a small settlement, you will see the rows of small fishermen’s houses that are arranged here and there along the winding, cobbled streets. They are either one-storey or two-storey edifices which have wooden windows. What about these white-blue houses which are located just near the shore? They are simply fabulous, in my opinion, because their windows and small terraces in front look and hang over the sea. Nice, a?

If you have the chance to stay at such a place, don’t miss it. Why? Because thus you will have the chance to penetrate real fishermen’s life even for a little while. You will have dinner with them. The fresh and well cooked fish will be al dente. You will fall asleep with stories about the sea and brave fishermen. And in the morning … you will be woken up by the gentle roar of the sea waves and you will get up with this pleasant salty smell of the sea in your nose.

328 Miss, You Thrill Me, Said the Sea to the Moon .... 3Being in such fishermen’s villages, it’s just inevitable not to see the other attributes related to fishery and the life here. For sure, you will see una tonnara (a tiny tuna cannery). La tonnara is, actually, a word that refers to a complex series of nests thrown into the water during mattanza. Fishermen’s nets are thrown here and there. Sometimes other equipment like spear-like weapons is seen here and there.

Finally, you should go to the market place and the main square. The market attracts its citizens who do the daily shopping at the early hours of the day. It is filled in with joyful chats, gossips and rumours. It hides love stories but also stories of jealousy, courtship and quarrels. And all this happens under the rhythm of the song … the song of the Gente di mare.  As to la piazza (the square), it is illuminated by the stars above in the sky. Additionally, the lights of fireworks make the scene more splendid. Ordinary people enjoy the joy of life, thus being ready to meet tomorrow, another day of love and work.


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