From Syros to Capo Rizzuto

327 From Syros to Capo Rizzuto 1We are going to have one voyage, a short cruise to two islands which have nothing in common. Their location is in two different seas, both being integral part of the Mediterranean basin. They have been chosen for today’s post by me because they’re less known, a little bit far away from the tourist path and crowds of holiday-makers but at the same time they are really two gems in the Aegean and Ionic Seas, respectively. If you are not interested in the little known, just skip this post. But if you do like such places, let’s anchor on both islands and have some fun in Syros (Hellas) and in Capo Rizzuto (Italy).

The Island of Syros: It is relatively small Cycladic Island in the Aegean Sea which is only 78 nautical miles far away from Athens. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, it became part of the Byzantine Empire till 1204 when it was conquered by the Venetian Republic. It was included into the Ottoman Republic in the 16th century. The island entered the newly liberated country after the War of Independence of 1821. Since then it’s been part of Hellas. The capital city of Syros is the town of Ermopoli. In the 19th century it played a very significant role since it was a very important commercial and nautical hub. Nowadays il capoluogo (the main town) combines various styles – modern and neoclassical, and it makes it different from the traditional towns of Cycladic islands. For sure, the most famous and photographed place of Syros is Ano Syros which has 700-year old buildings and which is situated on a hill overlooking the natural port.

The Island of Capo Rizzuto: It is located in the commune in the province of Crotone in Calabria and it has more than 14 000 residents. It occupies a plateau situated at 195 metres above the sea level, on the Ionian coast of the region of Calabria. Capo Rizzuto rises close to the sea in one zone famous for its natural beauty. In effects, the protected area is one of the most charming one in the whole Mediterranean Sea because it’s characterized by an enchanting beach with fine reddish sand and crystal clear water. In addition, the landscape includes one important historic site, i.e. il Castello Aragonese which is a 15th century fortification in the district of Le Castella. The Aragonese Castle is accessible only during low tides. La Madonna Greca (Greek Madonna) protects the Island of Capo Rizzuto and her feast is commemorated on the first Sunday of the month of May every year.


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