Love, Unfulfilled Dreams & Hard Choices

326 Love, Unfulfilled Dreams & Hard ChoicesJust imagine being on the Italian Riviera. You are a young girl and full of energy. The sun and sea are so inviting. What would you do if you meet a young man during your vacation, who is so gentle and attractive? The answer is simple. You have no other chance but fall in love with one another. It’s inevitable. One passionate week together will be enough for you both to start planning your future. But unfortunately, an absurd circumstance prevents you from forgathering again.

Years pass and each of you live their life. You get married and give a birth to a very nice daughter. Your beloved one becomes a university professor and continues living his life as a bachelor. Thanks to a much unexpected circumstance and the caprice of the destiny you meet him again after some 20 years. Your meeting is a very extraordinary one because you get to know that your strong feelings have remained the same and unchanged for so many years.

Is it strange?! No, not at all because actually, this is true love, this passionate first love that rises like a phoenix from the past. Unfortunately, you will be at a crossroad and will have to reach fateful decisions after this play of the destiny. It will be hard for you to leave the home coziness and safety and to dive into the unknown. Will you dare do it? Yes, for sure, you will have to do it and make this hard choice since it will be your love and you will have to live it out for the second time like Klara and Stephan – the main characters in Annette Hohberg’s book “Ein Sommer wie dieser”.

Cinque Terre unite, separate and finally they unite again as they are a magic place on Earth …… 🙂


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