The Towers of Valencia

325 The Towers of Valencia 1The city of Valencia is amazing, indeed.  It’s rich history gives you the chance to admire the valor and bravery of Spain while it’s amazing modern architecture and buildings teleport you to another world – the world of sciences and arts, i.e. the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias.

And there is nothing better than to admire all this beauty in all its aspects from above, i.e. from its three wonderful towers in the Ciutat Vella.

T   O   R   R   E   S      D   E      Q   U   A   R   T

325 The Towers of Valencia 2Let us start our “journey from above” by passing through one of the main city’s gates. This is Torres Quart (Quart Towers). They were built by Pere Bofill in the 15th century.

The Gothic cylindrical gate towers are a splendid example of the military architecture. The defence towers encompassed the walled city and they also served as a women’s prison for a short period of time.

My humble piece of advice is to climb up to the top from which you will get amazing views of modern Valencia and the old quarter with its blue-tiled church domes and narrow, winding streets. And not only because these views will amaze you and leave you breathless. You will “scan” them all and they will remain unforgettable for life.

T   O   R   R   E      D   E   L      M   I   C   A   L   E   T

325 The Towers of Valencia 3Our next stop is the Plaça de la Reina which is home to the greatest landmarks of Valencia – the Cathedral of Valencia with the Gothic Bell Tower and Plaza Santa Catalina with its charming Iglesia.

Standing in front of the main entrance of the Valencia Cathedral it’s impossible for you not to see the adjacent octagonal, about 51-metre high Micalet TowerThe Baroque tower was built by Andrés Juliá Torre in the 13th and 14th centuries and it’s the city’s highest religious structure.

La Miguelete possesses a narrow, spiral stairway and if you are brave enough to climb the 207 steps you will get the most breathtaking and awesome panoramas of the entire city, the countryside and the sea. So, take a bottle of water, take a deep breath and off we goooo. 🙂

T   O   R   R   E   S      D   E      S   E   R   R   A   N   O   S

325 The Towers of Valencia 4Probably, you’ve already got tired of the stairs you’ve climbed. Don’t give up, please. Get refreshed for a while and let us head to the other ancient city gate of Valencia – Torres de Serranos, where our “journey from above” will end in Ciutat Vella. I will bring you back to our starting point, i.e. Torres Quart to the west.

The Quart and Serranos Towers are the only two left city gates out 12 of the medieval town of Valencia (unfortunately, the city’s walls have disappeared). The Gothic northern towers were built in the 14th century and most probably they obtained their name because of their location to the north-eastern part of the Old Town, which made them an entry point for the road linking Valencia to Saragossa and Barcelona.

So, guys, I hope you liked to see the splendid city of Valencia from some hundred metres. It was amazing, wasn’t it? Even though it was too exhausting, it was worthy because all of the beautiful and breathtaking bird’s eye views will remain un unforgettable memo of the city.


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