The Sweet Moments

323 The Sweet MomentsYour daughter will be 8 years old only once … 4 years old only once … 2 years old only once while you will be taking part in a series of spectacles in which you will not know your speeches very often and it will happen every day, every hour, every minute. The thing you don’t know is that you won’t remain the same person, you will change because while your daughter will be exploring life, you will be learning to be a father, i.e. you will be learning how to live your second life. This means that you will stop living and will start living for her. Why? You will begin living for her because you will know that these moments will elapse soon and you will try to grab them as much as you can. When she grows up you will lose too many things …

 … You won’t be able to grasp the fortune of her smile which is only for you now and makes you more relaxed on hard days.

The beauty of the game with her (even when you are extremely tired) will be lost.

The true wonder when these “only 16 kilogrammes” want to sleep on your chest … And you? …. You are devastated from tiredness and would give everything in order to have a night sleep on your stomach without her little hand rummaging  in your nose. By the way, it’s a fact that your nostrils will be the same even after five years but this little hand won’t. Also this desire to sleep on you will not exist. And what will YOU do?

 You will curse that you didn’t indulge enough in every caress in her hair when your little princess was once there, within reach and close to you. At such moments you will realize that the spectacle will have already been moved to another stage where you won’t be able to be present anymore. You will be in the first row no more. You will be outside the door. And then you will sleep on your back willingly just because you will want to remember the sweet moments from the past which will never come back.


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