15 Kilogrammes Lost … Guaranteed

322 15 Kilogrammes Lost ...GuaranteedEvery woman tries to be as slim as a model and is on a permanent diet. What a miserable thing.  I am not a supporter of any diets and regimes because I cannot imagine that my organism wants something and I will not allow it to have it. On the other hand, I will just die if I know that I mustn’t eat the bitter water and I mustn’t order gelato al pistacchio. It will be really my most horrible nightmare.

But …. But there is one diet which I really like and higly appreciate, and it guarantees you 15 kilogrammes lost only in seven days. What would you say, Ladies? 😉 Here it is ….


Breakfast: Say Good morning to your beloved ones and tell them you are going to be on a diet with watermelon from today.

Lunch: Go the market on foot at the farthest end of the city where you live. Buy two watermelons and pick them up under your armpits and return home again on foot.

Dinner: Drink a glass of hot water.


Breakfast: Take an aspirin because most probably the pain in the muscles is insupportable and unbearable. If necessary, take another one.

Lunch: Take the two watermelons and have a stroll with them. Show them the sights that are worth visiting in your town and turn back home on foot.

Dinner: Have a small cup of herbal tea without either sugar or honey.


Breakfast: Take one of the watermelons in your hands, put it in front of your breasts and do 20 squats.

Lunch: Go to the nearby mountainous range. Being at the foot of the mountain, start rolling the two watermelons up the hill. Release them on your way down and run after them. You can have lunch this way two or even three times.

Dinner: Stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself. The positive attitude is always the best dinner.


Breakfast: Lie on the floor and put your hands above your head holding one of the watermelons. Do five series of 20 crunches each.

Lunch: Go for a walk with your two watermelons. Hold them in your arms and tell them a story.

Dinner: Half of a tomato and one fresh olive are quite enough. Ah, yes, one glass of water and a smile are necessary, of course.


Breakfast: Step on the scales. You must have already lost about nine kilogrammes. Share this brilliant news with your dears-and-nears. It’s time you took your first selfie of your new slimmer figure. Take it and post in social media.

Lunch: Yummy-yummy …. Did you enjoy your Wednesday’s lunch, didn’t you? Okay, okay … Then, dream a little and repeat this true gourmet adventure.

Dinner: Think about any kind of food for about 15 minutes. But only think about it, don’t eat it.


Breakfast: Fetch one of the watermelons with your legs. Then take a horizontal stick in your hands and lift up your legs. Make three series of 10 lifts each. If you’re still hungry, you can do another series.

Lunch: Cut up the first watermelon and eat three seeds only. The rest throw into a bin which is situated at the farthest end of the city. While you are going there, jump.

Dinner: Think about your new vision. Now you’re slim and beautiful. You will help yourself if you think about your tight body, well-shaped muscles and bronze tan which you will have on the beach soon.


Breakfast: Go to show your new, slimmer figure to your beloved ones.

Lunch: Cut up the second watermelon. Take a slice from the middle. Throw the rest of it into the bin. You know the rules, don’t you? You should choose the farthest bin. This time reach it walking on your hands.

Dinner: You mustn’t skip dinner. It’s not healthy at all. That’s why eat three almonds and one lettuce leaf. If you want to, put some dressing on it, i.e. water.

I told you that this diet was perfect. After this one week you will feel reborn with these 15 kilos less. Be happy about the results achieved because now you have the outlook you’ve ever wanted so much. 😉


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