316 Sigà-sigàLife is completely different in the Mediterranean countries in comparison to the rest of the countries in Europe. I don’t know what the reason is. Probably sea, golden beaches and sun are guilty about this quiet life in which there is less stress. That’s why the difference between Mediterranean people and other individuals is evident. While the latter live in constant stress i mediterranei live pian piano in Italy or sigà-sigà in Hellas. And when one “UFO”, let’s say, goes to Greece, this poor creature needs at least a three-week vacation there in order to get rid of stress and to adopt the nice life of the Greeks, with a lack of haste and rush.  Moreover, these three “Greek” weeks help people live much longer. What might the reasons be?

Once you teleport to one of the islands or on the mainland, time stops for you and Hellenic perception of time changes completely. It doesn’t happen immediately but step-by-step. During your first week of your vacation, you will definitely bring all the stress and frenzy of the big city with you. You will think Greek calm and looseness are unnatural. Their “sigà-sigà” daily life will be strange to you. You will ask yourself about how it lacks any stress and rush. It’s simple. The Greeks are never in a hurry. And should they be? Life is too short and why should we push things in case they will happen or not, sooner or later. And while this time comes, we ought to indulge in the things slowly, now and here.

You yourself will see how your vacation will evolve and modify psychologically at the end of the first and the beginning of the second week. Thus, Greek life will turn into one true miracle. In what sense?  You will start getting accustomed to the lack-of-rush life. The rhythm will be slowed down. You will either relax on the beach or in the crystal water frequently, or you will often stay at the bar with a glass of icy ouzo in hand listening to Greek music.

Maybe you will ask me what will happen in the third week of your vacation. Facile (easy). 🙂 You will become a true Greek (not a native, of course, but a holiday-maker who starts understanding the Greeks’ mindset … at least you will be an UFO anymore 🙂 ). This change will be due to the friendships made with the locals and the typical Hellenic lunches at their homes which will always start at three p.m. in the afternoon, naturally, and will become never-ending evening-morning parties.

See …. After three weeks in Hellas you will be fully relaxed. You will feel no stress and tension. Your perception of life and time will have changed completely.  You will have realized that you like this life because the Greeks live much better and much longer than you in this way. So, what will you do when you come back from vacation? You have two options. The first one is to plan your next trip to Greece in the near future …. Ooooor ….. Pack your luggage, buy a one-ticket to one of the numerous Hellenic islands, settle down there and make it your place, and live like a Greek sigà-sigà.


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