Vanilla-salty Love

315-vanilla-salty-loveAda  Parellada is one of the acclaimed Catalan chefs and is an owner of three restaurants. She is also the author of the book “Sal de vainilla” (“Vanilla Salt”) in which she makes a delicious mixture of various and spicy ingredients: passion and love, a deep exploration of food and knowledge of Catalan and world cuisine, daily restaurant life, dramatic destinies and hidden secrets, erotic and jealousy plus the need to confront personal truths. As to the main dish she cooks in her book, it’s called vanilla-salty love between Álex and Annette.

Álex is a brilliant and extremely talented chef and owner of a restaurant to the north of Barcelona. He is rude and with a gruff and eccentric personality but all this is due to his hard life and lost child. As a cook he is a traditionalist and he never uses any ingredients that have come from the New World because he has his own personal motives for that. Thus tomatoes, potatoes, corn and other products from the “Indies” (like the first settlers from the Old World called the newly discovered continent) don’t exist in his kitchen until the time she meets young Annette and hires her at his restaurant. Moreover, his restaurant bears a name corresponding to his views, i.e. “The Old World”.

Annette is a very vivid and cheerful Canadian young and beautiful lady who is enthusiastic to help Álex revive his restaurant. Her task is extremely difficult because she has to fight the chef’s prejudices against American ingredients and the New World, in general. On the other hand, she is a foreigner in Catalonia who has left his own country because of a deeply hidden secret. Her enthusiasm, knowledge in the sphere of cuisine and ingredients as well as her desire to revive this place, challenge her and she manages to reach her aim soon.

Step-by-step the two main characters’ love is born and flourishes. These two people with broken hearts fall in love with one another among ovens and pans, dark past and present scandals, jealous lesbian and good-hearted people. This way Álex and Annette spice up their lives with various aromas, recipes and ingredients.

What a delicious and tasty love …. 😉


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