On a Singles Holiday in Tuscany

313 On a Singles Holiday in TuscanyThey are Elle and Laurie – two British maidens who are in their thirties. Laurie wants to get married and settle down desperately while Elle enjoys her independent life, adores her work and resists giving her heart to anyone from the stronger sex. Their lives, especially Elle’s, change completely when they both go on a singles holiday to one of the numerous vineyards in beautiful Tuscany. You would probably ask how.  Well, “You Had Me at Merlot” by Lisa Dickenson would give you the reply to your question.

This vacation for singles in a vineyard, in a winery, in a cellar in Italy offers these British maidens plenty of things. Elle is absolutely sure from the very beginning that she only wants to indulge in Tuscan wine and sun. Although she has never been to Italy before, she loves the idea of tasting some red wine, some white one and then having a siesta under the Tuscan sun, this crisp sunshine of the South. She knows that she will surely like the orange-pink sunrises over the medieval towns of the region and that the endless hills will impress her because they resemble the curving and twisting bodies of women.

These same hills are covered with endless vineyards which are bathed in the sun. They are so “seducing” and “appealing” to her. She dreams of picking up grape or taking a lovely stroll there. Yessss … She imagines going around and exploring the surroundings on a Vespa with her hair waving in the wind and with glasses on in which Italian sun reflects.

As far as Italian men are concerned, they are not included in her vacation plans. She knows Italian men are like wine, i.e. they are as sweet as Merlot. And that’s why she prefers wine and she just doesn’t want to mess up with a handsome Italian who is Casanova type. Her personal opinion is that she can be happy even alone and without falling in love, the latter being a stupid and boring thing. But, (un)fortunately, her initial plans are fully destroyed by an accident clash with the owners’ son in the lobby. He is really with a “dangerous” charm that changes her wholly.

After their meeting she starts changing. She begins longing for a new life far away from the heavy underground, the ringing of mobile phones and the completion of urgent tasks. She cannot think anymore of going to work every day and of being tightly bonded like with an umbilical cord to her job in the office.  She doesn’t want to live a life that is dependent on someone and their schedules at work. She wants no more to be afraid of her focal point reviews and the mark she gets on her performance. She asks herself why her days off and vacations should be controlled and even planned by somebody at work. What is the sense of all this?

There is no sense, as a matter of fact. That’s why she realizes that she needs freedom and true independence. She will love waking up on Jamie’s chest every morning. There will be no rush at all. She will just put something on, without following any dress code. After that she will make herself a cup of amazing cappuccino, will take her laptop and go in the open air. The fresh air and the beautiful and breathtaking views of Tuscany will replace all coolers and air-conditioners as well as grey and boring business-office skyscrapers.

She knows her new life in this completely different world for her, will be awesome. She will indulge in delicious and good-looking dishes. She will taste a selection of wines until she falls down and falls asleep under the inviting southern sun. Her strolls on a Vespa will be her daily energizing activity. She will be amused with grape stomping – this traditional winemaking method of squishing grapes with feet under the Tuscan sun when the latter pets your body gently. And, of course, her Jamie will always be the chocolate accompanying her chilli wine. Why? …. Because he will complete her with his endless and passionate amore. Aaand … She accepts the challenge of this new life in amazing Tuscany.


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