Don’t Be On A Crossroad, Take One Direction

312 Don't Be On A Crossroad, Take One DirectionA businessman was famous for being fast at reaching decisions extremely precisely and without any doubt that his decision was the right one. Crowds of people went to him to ask for pieces of advice and they were always impressed by that skill of his. His reputation of a fast decision-maker made him famous and brought much success to his company.

When he was asked what his secret was, he replied: “It’s simple. This method is called Fortune-telling with beans. I’ve got beans in my pocket and when I have to give a positive or negative answer, I just take out some of them. If they are uneven numbers, I say NO. If I get odd numbers, I answer with YES.

The moral is that when you hesitate and don’t reach any decision, you will lose. Don’t waste your time wondering what is right and what is wrong. If you remain on the crossroad, just take one direction and act.


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