Tutta colpa del mare (It Was the Fault of the Sea)

307 Tutta colpa del mare (It Was the Fault of the Sea)This is one true story of two young and romantic persons in love from Southern Europe. She is a Balkan girl while he is a western guy. They live into two completely different worlds and sometimes it creates too many misunderstandings between them in the sense of their perceptions, thoughts and mindset. She is rather indecisive because she doesn’t live her life at home but only when she travels. That’s why she needs him enormously as she feeds with his courage and support. As to him, there are several certain things she doesn’t like about him but it’s he, the man whom she loves so much. There is one certain thing, however. Both of them love freedom and probably one day they would be able to live out one dream together. Who knows?!

As a matter of fact, how did their story begin? It started all of a sudden some 5 years ago when they became only virtual acquaintances. They posted this and that and liked their posts from time to time in that period of time. She was one of his 3000+ unknown “friends” on his social media list while he was almost nobody to her. The years passed and that girl decided to celebrate her birthday in his region. Knowing he is a native, he wrote a message to him asking for some info on the sites and places she wanted to visit during her stay there. His answers were very precise but very cold at the same time, unfortunately. That’s why the girl decided not to contact that extremely cold guy while in his home town (however, after they got to know one another better, it turned out he wasn’t cold but he behaved like this because of his education).

She arrived at his place. She was a true nomad visiting different places every day for one entire week. She also celebrated her birthday in the nicest way ever – with a piece of cake with a lighted candle on, near the sea. Yes, near the sea – her greatest love ever. So far so good. One evening she got a message from him. Why? Because one of their friends in common “pushed” that guy to call her and take her out on one of the evenings like the men from Southern Europe do usually. They made the plans too quickly and ta-ta-tatataaa … they made a short trip to a nearby town, then they had dinner and after that their love began. One kiss under the moon and in front of the sea was quite enough to light the fire of love between them.

How is it possible? Only one kiss, some hugs and some 4-5 hours spent together managed to make them dive into the world of love and live out one dream. Their love continued but virtually due to the distance between them. She revealed her world to him and allowed him to become part of it to some extent. As to him, he showed her that even big men are internally weak. They were in touch and shared their dreams in all possible hi-tech ways but it wasn’t enough for them at all. That’s why they planned a trip together and had a one-and-a half-day amazing Spanish trip where they felt nice, free and did all the things they had dreamt of.

I will stop here because the end of this fairy-tale is unknown. Or I’d better say it is an endless love story and its two authors should decide how to continue it or end it …. Everything is in their hands or nooo … in the hands of the sea because era tutta colpa del mare (it was the fault of the sea).


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