Can Anyone Kidnap Me, Please? I Need a Vacation :)

304 Can Anyone Kidnap Me, Please. I need a Vacation6… If possible on one of the seven most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean where sea is crystal blue with intense colours, where I will feel the summer scent freely and where the landscape will leave me breathless. I myself cannot make the choice easily among the countless beauties of il Mare Nostrum starting from the Island of Emperors with its Faraglioni and ending with one of the least known islands hidden In The Sweet Hug of the Aegean Sea. Because I am always insatiable and greedy I would like you to bring me to all of them, without any exception …. 😀

Let us start with Alimnia which is a small islet off the west coast of the Island of Rhodes. Its deep and cliff bay turns the isle into a natural harbour. Once this place was an Italian military base and if you go around a little you will stumble upon several abandoned dwellings with wall paintings of ships and submarines. The surrounding mountain turns Alimnia into a very wild place but one of the most beautiful of the Dodecanese.

Still sailing in the Aegean Sea, you might anchor on another charming island (i.e. the Island of Amorgos) and its wild but beautiful beach – Aghia Anna. Reaching the island from the sea, the Horoviotissa Monastery will welcome you. The lime-painted holy place is nestled in a steep, dark cliff and when looked at from a distance it seems like an optical illusion. The safest place to anchor is on the opposite side of this windy and barren island but you should pay a visit to the beautiful beach, which is a must stop for everyone.

The Cycladic Island of Polyaigos (close to Milos and Kimolos) and its Bay of Faros are a beautiful and lonely place where you may find plenty of treasures on the sea bottom. The island is uninhabited and we can say that its important “residents” are loggerhead sea turtles and monk seals.

Now we’re heading to Italy from Hellas. Our first stop will be on the cliff edges of one the Pontine Islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea – Palmarola. Drop an anchor to the south at Cala Brigantina and then move to the northern parts of the island which is a place that will offer you a true spectacular colour show. Do you know why? Depending on the daytime and the light, the cliff changes its colour from white to gold and sea – from emerald to cobalt going through turquoise. As to the narrow crevices of the rock have gained their nickname, namely the Cathedral.

There is one particular island that is often nicknamed as the “Island of Emperors” because it was a preferred place by two of the greatest ancient Roman Emperors – Augustus and Tiberius. That fame continued even after their reign. Even we can say that this small island has always been a favourite destination of wealthy people up to now and the reason is simple – Capri has breathtaking views, crystal clear sea waters, rich vegetation and nice and pleasant climate. The island’s postcard-view places are these awesome, breathtaking sceneryof i Faraglioni that will make you fall in love with the island and will make you desire to remain here forever and ever. But hold on for a while. It’s one thing to see the three coastal rock formations in daytime and its is a completely different story to see them and la Marina Piccola  at sunset.  Wooooow 🙂

Now it’s high time we visited another island group, i.e. the Pityusic Islands (or the Pine Islands) which are part of the Spanish Balearic Islands. Although it is the smallest islet, Formentera looks like a Caribbean island with dazzling white sands and rocks that create unforgettable some-shade-of-blue reflections into the turquoise water. This is a little bit windy place but for sure, you will be pleasantly shocked by Dos Mares beaches, i.e. Levante (wilder and quieter) and Ponente (famous, fashionable and trendy).

And finally we shall end our journey in Corsica. The French island and its Anse de Roccapina  is a hidden pearl to the south-west, on  the territory of Sartène. The white sand beaches and the transparent and clean water will “steal” your heart immediately. For sure, you will like the Genoese watchtower as well as the Rocher du Lion (a natural rock formation in the form of a lion, sculptured by the wind).


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