She Didn’t Respond

300 She Didn't RespondThey met now and then. They looked for warmth. They (at least, one of them) didn’t want love or a stable relationshipor . He was free as the wind, as a bird. Sometimes he looked for somebody else’s warmth, bed and odor different from his own. She was on the opposite pole. She wanted to know how long it would last.

Nights of passion passed one by one and all mornings were always a nightmare. She got angry, not with him but with herself. Months passed and the things between them didn’t change. He wanted to “belong” to many women while she wished she could have only one man for herself.

She loved being near him at night. She was looking at him while he was sleeping. She never managed to explain to herself why she could want him so much. She was aware of the fact that he wanted her as well but that love was so crazy and she didn’t support it at all. She thought she’d better stop that love affair, that mad adventure.

One day he said “Bye-bye” to her and kissed her lips as always, being sure he would meet her again on the following day. But she knew it was a “Farewell”. That’s why she looked in his eyes and tearfully she said to him “I love you”…. And he shut the door.

Days passed one by one. He was looking for her but she wasn’t replying. After some months he saw her accidently. She trembled. She had a lump in his throat for the first time in his life. He thought he had lost her forever. She had found another man, a man who cared about her love. However, she knew she would never be able to love anybody like she had loved him.  But she was contented because all she wanted was to have a quiet love affair with healthy love.

He continued his game but in a different way. He looked for her in every woman he was with but unfortunately, he never found her. He felt empty. He felt alone. He had had to appreciate her love for him much more.

He took the telephone and tearfully he wrote to her: “I miss you. I want you by my side”.

She didn’t respond .……….


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