The Big Blue

298 The Big Blue 0It’s known that life is like sea. It can be calm, tranquil and quiet but also rough. But they both (I mean life and sea 🙂 ) are a great miracle.

People who were born in sea towns and cities are lucky, indeed, because they have sea at hand every minute. Its blue immenseness and waves calm them down. At the same time its power and might frighten them. But it’s a fact that if one has sea close to them, they are blessed.

T   H   E      B   I   G      B   L   U   E


And what do those, who were born far away from it, do? They adore and love it and they can’t live without it. Unfortunately, they can be with their greatest love when they travel or go to the seaside. And for the rest of the time? Well, it’s a huge torture to them. But not such a torture, I would say, because they can bring sea at home. They can turn their dwelling into a Mediterranean place in the centre of a big non-sea city. This is doable if only they use their fantasy and imagination. And they will do it only if their love for sea is strong. What do I mean?

298 The Big Blue 11Let’s imagine the following imaginary flat. When you pass through the front door and enter this apartment you would come across two colours in the corridor – blue and pink. Blue would be the colour of sea while pink could be regarded as the Kiss of the Three Seas.

298 The Big Blue 13Then you might head to the bedroom where you would find a combination of the two shades of blue and apart from them – yellow. Why so? Because light blue would symbolize calm and inviting sea while the darker silhouette would be a little bit rough sea that would shake gently your bed in the form of a boat and bring it to the harbour of a wallpaper island which would welcome you from the other wall. As to the last wall of the room, it would be in yellow like the sun above and the sand that “would meet the sea waves at this place”. Nice, a?

298 The Big Blue 12Of course, the Big Blue is always close to plains and meadows around. So, the diversify of colours would continue in the kitchen where this same sun would “shine” over a green plain. Green and yellow would be mixed so that they could symbolize that same Mother-Ground which gives us fruits, vegetables, grains, olives, grape, etc., i.e. our food. The two colours would make cooking even more amusing and entertaining even if you consider yourself the greatest disaster in the kitchen.

298 The Big Blue 14After having prepared your dinner, let’s say, you would want to find a place where you would enjoy it. The best place would be a room with yellow-blue-green-purple-red walls and one wall “dedicated“ to another fabulous marine wallpaper. The five various colours would bring more spices and taste to you dinner while sea would “grab” you in its gentle hug. And this dining room wouldn’t be a standard one with a table and chairs around. Just on the opposite. There would be a bench in front of the sea from which you would stare at the Immense Blue while having your dinner.

Last but not least, as a great lover of sea, your bathroom would be like the “Cycladic Sky-blue-white”, i.e. in blue and white like the sea and waves with dolphins here and there. Marine items like seashells, tiny pebbles, some sand, etc. would be spread out on your terraces. And finally, all your “memories” (i.e. souvenirs like small figures of mariners, boats, lighthouses, ”Yabba dabba doo” type houses) would remind you of the time spent with your love for life – the Big Blue.


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