I Adore and Love My Granny

297 I Adore and Love My GrannyGrannies always love their grandchildren even more than their children. It is a widely-spread notion and I believe you will agree with it. I have always asked myself why but I have never managed to find the correct answer. Probably you might help me? What do you think? Why are we so dear to our Grannies? Why do they love us so much and allow us to do whatever we want to?

After this introduction, I would like to share with you why I adore and love my Grandma soooo muuuch. In the first place, her home is the coziest place ever where I really feel the warmth and love in every corner. On the other hand, she is always happy to see me no matter how late I go to visit her. She opens the door, smiles at me gently, hugs and kisses me, and then she brings me to the kitchen where I get her home-made cookies alla nonna. When I pop up at her home, dressed in clothes that are too colourful, extravagant and a little bit crazy, she still loves me as I am. She might criticize me saying: “Why have you put on this too short skirt and this vest? If I only see you like this in the street ….” But I really don’t get affected or insulted because I know she does it from love, she says it with love.

Granny is always my support. She always manages to cheer me up and that’s why every phone call with her, every “Hi, Granny. How are you?” is precious and valuable to me. By the way, she is always ready to make a great number of compromises – for example, to use hi-tech mobile phones which she didn’t use in her youth. Why? Because she adores me. She listens to my heartache and always offers her help: “Don’t cry anymore, my little monkey. I’ll tell you what to write to him”.

What else? She makes my birthdays extremely cheerful and happy. Her wishes are always the sincerest ones and I cannot help being happy and contented when she tells me: “My little child, I wish you much health, in the first place. May you get whatever you dream of very soon and may all your dreams come true. You know I love you too much, don’t you?”.  And when she says this to me, she gives me a present, the priceless one ever – a pair of woolen scarf and mittens.  And then the birthday party starts. My Granny is the real proof that age doesn’t matter and it is only a figure, a digit because she listens to my music and dances all the time.

I remember that when I was at school and when I got a lower mark, Grandma was always happier with my success than I was and she always said: “My dear, congratulations. I am so proud of you”. She also didn’t allow anybody to disturb me (even in my sleep) in that period of time. When my Mummy went to wake me up in the morning, it was Granny who said: “Leave her to sleep five minutes more. She went to bed late last night.” And last memory from my bright past. Although she made some mistakes from time to time, I always loved what she did for me. And here is one humble example. She stitched up my jeans several times using colourful patches and her reason was always the following: “Sweetie, I have stitched up your jeans. Do you like these sweet patches in the form of a heart? They are nice, aren’t they? By the way, how could  you have worn these torn jeans for such a long time?

In the end I can say that Granny has lots of friends who are Grannies, too, but none of them can replace her because my Granny is My Granny, she the one and only and I adore her and I love her so much.


2 thoughts on “I Adore and Love My Granny

  1. I really enjoyed your blog – somehow, in the blink of an eye, I have become a grandmother to six grandchildren, with another due in October. I cannot believe the love I have for these beautiful little people. I really have learned the meaning of unconditional love.I would give them the moon if I could!


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