Vena amoris

296 Vena amorisI have no experience in this field but I found the topic very interesting and that’s why I am dedicating this brief post to the faith between spouses that is worn on the fourth (ring) finger. In other words, I will tell you why married people (especially Roman Catholics; it doesn’t apply to Orthodox folks) wear their wedding rings, a visible symbol of their devotion, love and spiritual union till the end of their life, on the fourth finger.

Actually, the story dates back to the ancient times. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans had a tradition to wear their faith in their husband on the fourth finger. They also chose the left hand. And do you know why? Because they believed that the arteria in the ring finger went directly to the heart which was the “headquarters” of love, sentiments and feelings. They called the vein “vena amoris” (“the vein of love”) That tradition was kept also during the barbaric period and it symbolized a man’s promise, power and his “conquest” of a woman. Later the tradition was transferred into Christianity as well. A priest touches the left ring finger after the first three which symbolize the Saint Trinity (Father – Son – Holy Son).

The Chinese have one very interesting belief and convincing explanation according to which each finger corresponds to one beloved person: little finger represents kids; ring finger – wife/husband; middle finger – ourselves; index finger – brothers, sisters and friends; and thumb – parents. Now let’s make this “experiment”.

In the first place, open your palms, face to face. Then hold the middle fingers together and back to back. In the second place, open and hold face to face the remaining three fingers and the thumb. If you try to separate the thumbs representing parents, they will open because your parents are not destined to live with you for the rest of your life. They will leave you sooner or later.

Join your thumbs as before and now try to separate your index fingers which represent your brothers, sisters and friends. They will also open because your siblings will also have their own families and they will have to leave your life one day.

Join again the index fingers and try to separate your little fingers that symbolize your children. They will open, too, because your kid will grow up, get married and settle down on their own some day.

Finally, join your little fingers and try to separate your ring finger which represents your life partner. You will be surprised as you won’t be able to separate them because a husband and a wife are meant to be all their lives.


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