The Here and Now

290 The Here and NowThis post isn’t going to have an introduction part. I decided so because in my opinion the sooner we realize these several sentences, the happier life we shall have. Soooo ….  🙂

Live here and now: Don’t think about the future because it’s unknown and it’s too far away. Don’t live for your past either, because it’s behind your back and you are done with it. It will never come back again and things will never change back. Consequently live here and now. Live for the moment and live it out to the max, i.e. vivi qui e ora. 🙂

If there is a will, there is a way, the English say, while the Italians’ saying is: Se vuoi, puoi. First, ask yourself whether you want or don’t a certain thing or to do something. If you have doubts, leave it out. It’s causa perduta.  But if you are absolutely sure, then go for it without hesitation. Search for and find the best way or ways to reach out to your obsession. Allow la tua volontà (your will) to be la tua forza motrice (driving force) that will be stronger than steam, electricity and even atomic energy.

If you change your mindset, you’ll change your world. Yes, it’s absolutely true. You have created your own world based on your thoughts. It’s a reflection of your perceptions of life, your thoughts about life. So, it’s up to you to make changes in your world by changing your mindset. If you choose to be happy, you won’t lose anything. Just on the opposite, you will win sixty seconds of happiness every minute. Amazing, isn’t it? Moreover, make another choice, i.e. be an optimist (although you might be wrong at a time) instead of a pessimist who is always correct. Last thing here. I am speaking about changes. Right? Well, one of the measurements of intelligence is the capacity of changing yourself and things around you when necessary. So, don’t be afraid of them.

Sixth sense ….  Trust your sixth sense and follow you intuition. Principally, your intuitive mind is a sacred gift while your rational mind is a “faithful servant” (or probably you’re that “faithful servant” to your rational mind and to the society you live in …. Who knows?!). In this case, why do you have to give up on this precious gift and follow the stereotypes of the society only? Be different and trust your inner perceptions, your “inner You”.

Last but not least …. Move on …. Move on and never stop. Knowing to live is like riding a bike. In order to strike the balance you shouldn’t stop moving.


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