Aquiloni (Kites)

289 Aquiloni (Kites) 0There is a small and tiny north-western Sicilian town called San Vito Lo Capo (San Vitu in Sicilian or Saint Vitus Cape in English). It is located in a valley hugged by spectacular mountains.

The inhabitants of this place are about 4 000 and their major vocations are tourism and agriculture.

So, if you happen to stay in Trapani, don’t miss the chance to plan a trip to ……

S   A   N      V   I   T   O      L   O      C   A   P   O

…. because it will surprise you greatly with its treasures. The public beach is really amazing with its sand and crystalline blue-turquoise sea water. It is even more spectacular at the end of May when the annual International Festival of Kites is held. This colourful event has been staged and held for ten days annually since 1981 and it’s always been a parade of kite-makers who demonstrate their artistic and colourful kites between the blue sky and sea. What would you say if you swim in the clean sea and see the “whole world” (i.e. the kites of artists from 5 continents) above you. Nice, a? Yes, definitely. All memories from this festival will remain in your mind for life. 🙂

289 Aquiloni (Kites) 11What else? Being in San Vitu you will get amazing views of the surrounding mountains, one of them being the Mount Cofano which is a high pointed limestone cliff that is seen from the public beach. The mountains are like Mecca for climbers and adventurers who could explore the numerous caves like Caverna della Capra Guasto (Cave of the Dead Goat). The only two conditions are to be equipped with professional climbing gear and to have the soul of an explorer.

289 Aquiloni (Kites) 12But Mother Nature doesn’t stop here, for sure, because Riserva naturale dello zingaro is nearby. It’s the first Sicilian natural reserve created in 1981. It’s a 7-kilometre virgin coastline of the Gulf of Castellammare and its mountain chains. This awesome spot dedicated to nature is rich in little bays and steep cliffs, rare endemic plants and fauna.

289 Aquiloni (Kites) 13Last but not least, San Vito Lo Capo has been a host to another international festival for about 20 years now. Its name is Cous Cous Fest and it is a culinary festival at which chefs from eight nationalities (Côte d’Ivoire, France, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia and the Territories of Palestine) gather and show their cooking magic skills. And if all this isn’t enough for you, you should visit Saint Vitus Cape in July when you will be able to enjoy yourselves and indulge in nice music in the Summer Music Festival.

San Vito Lo Capo is waiting for you. Come here and you won’t regret it at all. 🙂


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