Why Do I Adore Greece?

286 Why Do I Adore GreeceLet me start answering the question with these three simple descriptive sentences about Hellas. Greece is known as one of the sunniest countries in Europe and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Its hospitable and cheerful inhabitants always make you feel at home with their spontaneous and friendly behavior. Ancient tourist sites in Greece are plenty, indeed, involving mythology, legends and history. But which are the concrete numerous reasons for my love for Greece? Here are only some of them.

The country is famous for its wonderful weather and mild climate. Most of the days are sunny and bright, dry and warm, especially in summer. While winters are mild and more often they are without snow and with higher temperatures. I love such weather, indeed.

Ancient sites and ruins are scattered everywhere in Hellas. I can even say that the whole country is one ancient archeological site because “every stone” and every place is “full of history” and is of important historic importance.

Beach goers are also blessed in Greece. The country possesses about 13 000km of coastline along the Aegean and Ionian Seas. Lots of them are still “virgin”, untouched and wild. Moreover, a great number of the Greek beaches are extremely clean and the water is crystalline. That’s why the Greek coast is regarded as one of the best coasts in Europe.

What is Hellas without its islands like the Sea Pearls In A Palette of Ever-Changing Blues And Greens (Lefkas Petra, the Flower of the East, The Island of the Nymphs),  Rhodes, Santorini, Crete and so on and so forth? My personal opinion is that, actually, Greece is represented by its islands. They are supposed to be about 1200 to 6000 depending on the minimum size taken into account, 220 being uninhabited. So, if you wanna explore them you should spend a lifetime.

When I am there, all my photos taken are true postcards. Even those taken on a cloudy day are like “mystic” postcards. The reason for this is because light is different in Greece. When I say different I do mean it. My personal explanation for this is that Greek light is mixed up with the turquoise sea water and history.

Hellenic cuisine is always unappreciated and underestimated and there’s no logic explanation for that. Despite this notion, the country has 8 eight elements (i.e. the Gr8 elements) constituting the Hellenic cuisine – olives and olive oil, bread, fish, cheese and potatoes, honey and wine.

Greece is a very interesting country. Due to its history dating back to ancient times, when you’re there, the feeling is a bit extraordinary. Why? Hellas is a European country but there is a strong feeling of the Balkans and the East.

Last but least, the Italians have their La Dolce Vita but also the Greeks know how to live and take their time. They are extremely hospitable and friendly, chilled and party people. You will never lose if you dive into their world and be one of them as much as you can.


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