Just an Ordinary Day

285 Just an Ordinary DayHe woke up at 10am that morning. This made him feel bad because he had never woken up so early in the morning. That also made him think he had to go to see his GP. He went out on the balcony; he drank his coffee for half an hour and read this day’s newspaper. After that he started off to work. He was driving the car, its windows being open, so he could tell other drivers what their mistakes were. It wasn’t very pleasant but he had no other possibility – it was his social duty. After 10km a car gave him way on the road. He thought whether this driver was his relative but he couldn’t remember. He wasn’t.

He was in front of the office at 11am and unlocked the door. His colleagues weren’t there yet. He made himself some more coffee and started browsing in order to tell everybody how bad he and the other citizens lived.

He worked for the Ministry of Environment and his department dealt with the protection of the Moon. It was not that easy to work for that unit, as a matter of fact, because either a spacecraft or moon-rover was sent to the Moon from time to time. At these moments he and his colleagues had to go out of the Ministry in the evening (of course, overtime was always paid to them) and to watch the Moon with binoculars in hand. If the they noticed some garbage there, they had to inform the Ministry of the External Affairs so that it could make a strike. That job was hard and ungrateful but somebody had to do it. At that time they were 10 of them and the Moon was too large. At least they paid well.

An hour later, he was called by his colleagues. It was time for lunch and they were waiting for him in the nearby restaurant. He locked the door and headed off on foot. His co-workers had already been waiting for him, drinking their second drink for the day. He joined them. They had lunch and after that all of them danced.

After so much joy, the company didn’t realize how the time had passed and their working day had finished. He turned to the office, locked it and turned back home. His wife complained that they hadn’t gone out for dinner and that’s why he was forced to take her to a restaurant. While sitting outside his wife looked at the Moon and noted how beautiful it was. But immediately he asked to change the topic because if he had to speak about work also at night, it would not worth it…. 😉


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