Rainha do Mar

280 Rainha do Mar is one of the oldest cities in the world and the oldest one in Western Europe. Like ancient Rome and Athens and numerous other European cities it was built on seven hills. It was a Moorish bastion from the 8th century till 1147 when it fell in the hands of the Crusaders and D. Afonso Henriques the Great (the founder and first King of Portugal). It is often nicknamed as the Rainha do Mar (the Queen of the Sea) as many great explorers and discoverers, sailors and mariners started off to new lands from here. This is also the birth place of Fado – the Soul of Portugal. And it is the beautiful lily of Europe ….. Just Fleur-de-Lis Boa.

The city of Lisbon possesses warm and hot summers. It is also one of the European capitals with the warmest and mildest winters. In general, the summer season in Lisbon starts in May and ends in October and its duration is about 6 months. As to winter, it lasts 3 months in December, January and February which is described as the rainiest period of the year. The city has its transitional months (March, April & November) temporally cool.And what are the temperatures? The average annual temperatures are between 13-14°C (at night) to 21-22°C (during the day).

As a whole residents in Lisbon (like these in Barcelona) dress fairly informally and casually. Lisbon is a steep city and full of slippery, cobblestone streets because it was established and built on seven hills. That’s why comfortable flat shoes are a must during your stay. There is no need to torture your feet going up and down the hills.

As for clothes, lightweight summer clothes (such as shorts and T-shirts, light skirts and sleeve-less shirts, etc.) are highly recommended Flip flops and bathing suits are necessary even during the transitional periods as the average sea temperature is 20 °C. Wooow 🙂 Light but warmer clothes (like a cotton sweater, a light jacket or a warm coat) are needed for cooler evenings and nights, especially in the transitional period (and even in summer from time to time). There is no need to wear heavy clothing in winter as you will feel like a bear which has exaggerated with the too many clothes. 😉

Ready for Hellas?! 🙂


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