Tiny, Magical Stitches

279 Tiny, Magical StitchesShopping has always attracted women. Sometimes they turn into shopping maniacs rushing shop after shop and buying compulsively things they would hardly wear in future. But there is one tiny shop on a winding Cambridge street that offers dreams. It is Etta’s dress shop where every woman gets dreams, a hope and a little magic.

And it’s because when women put on one of her magical dresses they find out all the things they miss in their lives – self-confidence, bravery and courage, love and beauty.

The old lady has only dearest wish, namely to work the magic of her needle on her beloved granddaughter (Cora Sparks) as well. The young lady is a scientist who follows the professional way of parents who died in fire many years ago. Since their too mysterious death, she has closed her heart even to love, thus overlooking the true love of nearby bookseller Walt who has always been in love with her.

After some extraordinary and magic stitches made by Etta and several astonishing events, all characters’ life transforms in unexpected ways. Cora finds the truth about her parents’ death. Walt confesses to her that he has loved her all his life. Etta reveals her deeply hidden secret related to Cora’s biological grandfather. And all this happens in “The Dress Shop of Dreams” by Menna van Praag.


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