The King And The Princess

278 The King And The PrincessIt’s a well-known truth that a little girl is always her Daddy’s weakest point. He will remain her King forever although she will find her Prince one day. He is the first man to protect and love her from the very beginning. He does the most impossible things to keep her safe from any threats from the world outside their castle. He is the rescue team that saves her from the monsters from her nightmares. He does all this because he’s fearless.

Daddy is always amusing and he always finds and makes time to play with his little daughter. He pops up at the right time no matter how busy he is. He knows the best and most funny way to entertain his precious because he is always ready to have fun. He treasures play time with her knowing how to do everything in a funny, crazy and at a time silly way.

Daddy is always near his daughter in the hardest moments, helping her to cope with the difficult things and the monsters under her bed and to overcome her fears. One kiss and one warm hug are quite enough for her to forget all the burdens in life.

In brief, a little girl always feels on the top of the world when her Daddy is close to her and never leaves him to go. 🙂


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