Our Restaurant

277 Mare, Amore, Sole (Sea, Love, Sun)There are too many restaurants in every city, town and village all over the world. Most of them are too trivial and banal although they are specialized and try to attract visitors anyhow. But what would you say to have lunch or dinner with your beloved one (no matter both of you are young and crazy or old and wiser) at a special place which is offbeat and love is in the air? You think it’s impossible. No, it isn’t, for sure. Or if you still insist on its not being possible, let’s dream a little. Imagine …..

… a quiet and tiny place in one European capital, more precisely in a city with plus minus 1,5-million inhabitants in the Balkans. It’s not necessary for it to be in the heart of the city where crowds will get you nervous. Noooo … I mean one tranquil zone in the outskirts of the city where people are less.

You would ask yourselves who could open a restaurant in such an unprofitable zone? Well, the answer is simple – two young, romantic people in love from Southern Europe. She is a native. He is from …… 🙂 She is the greatest disaster in the kitchen but his passion is for cooking. She is “serious” while he is very innovative. She is also creative but her creativeness is fed by him because he is her inspiration.

What would you order at this restaurant? Hmmm … Of course, local meals and dishes but spiced with the three major Mediterranean “ingredients” –  Amore, Mare e Sole (Love, Sea and Sun). 🙂 They also reflect over the interior of this charming place. It wouldn’t be the standard one with boring metal or wooden tables and chairs, white tablecloths and utensils. Nope. You would enter the colourful Mediterranean kingdom in which sea could be contemplated on le panchine (benches) and sun would shine over you while tasting the most delicious dishes (dishes which are extraordinary because they are prepared with fantasy and love) and drinking some light wine.

Do you like this restaurant? Did you fall in love with it? Yessss ….. I knew it …. So, then, welcome to the Restaurant of Love when we open it. 🙂 Until this time comes, don’t stop dreaming 🙂


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