Love Makes You Corageous

276 Love Makes You CorageousEvery time when he meets her in the street he cannot talk to her. He can’t even look into her eyes because words get blocked. It seems he gets crazy. If the beat of his heart was amplified, she could hear a drummer of a heavy metal band play music. That’s why he is now there in front of her house – because he feels it’s much easier for him to toss her a song. Probably the walls and people around could hear it rather than he phones her and tells her everything face-to-face.

This guy is shy but love gives him courage to tell her that it’s been May since the very first time he saw her.  And in May …. in May the whole world is lovely and so inviting with its colours. Trees are already covered with blossoms which sooner or later will turn into fruits.

And what is she doing now? She is waiting greedily for this desire to be shared while the boy is being there, in front of her house asking only for one smile. He wants his love to look out from the window, to look out from the balcony. His desire is to hear her voice on the intercom. He has come with a record player and a microphone, being so shy that he can express his feelings only through a song. If she wants to kiss him, he will be contented.

He wishes they could be close to one another for life. His serenade is his challenge with destiny. He serenades his girl in order to tell her that he likes her so much. Why? He likes the way she looks at him and the way she treats him. He likes her nose that somehow sings together with the world. Her buttocks are so round. She is … she is able of enchanting every human being. Because she is intelligent and this is seen in the movements of her hands …  Because she always provokes brand new thoughts and feelings in him…. Because the Alps are in her hips … Because the Dolomites are in her breasts … Because she has the unique taste for clothes, not following today’s fashion trends … because she is a flower that blossoms on the pavement and cement.

This is his rap serenade, metropolitan serenade. He hopes that he will open her heart with it. He is not a bad boy and she shouldn’t believe in the people who say the opposite. All of them are a little bit envious and he has no idea why. He cannot offer her passionate stories or romance taken from movies. He doesn’t know even one song. But he can offer her only sincerity, body, soul, mind and …. and amore (love), only love.

He will write it on walls and in the underground of this city where millions of inhabitants who go on their life ignoring one another day after day. Two persons, two looks overlap in one destiny. Buildings, pavement and smog get transformed into a pretty garden.

Do you like this story about this shy guy encouraged by love and the girl of his heart? If you do, here is the original story. 🙂 Enjoy Serenata Rap (Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini). 🙂


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