Tutte le strade portano al mare (All Roads Lead To The Sea)

271 Tutte le strade portano al mare (All Roads Lead To The Sea) 0We all know that tutte le strade conducono a Roma (all roads lead to Rome) but there is one particular place where tutte le strade portano al mare (all roads lead to the sea). And do you know which this magical place is? It’s a tiny town near Bari which can be easily reached by sea-lovers. Its name is Polignano a Mare and it’s situated on the Adriatic Coast of the Italian region of Apulia (or Puglia). This place possesses only postcard views no matter you wander somewhere in the historic old town or along the three rock terraces facing the sea.

P   O   L   I   G   N   A   N   O      A      M   A   R   E

The charm of Polignano a Mare is due to its location. It’s situated on the top of cliffs of limestone overlooking the crystal clear, some-shadows-of-blue sea. Nice, a? 🙂 You might spend your vacation in laziness lying on the beach between the cliffs, jumping from the nearby tower and then soaking in the crystalline water.

271 Tutte le strade portano al mare (All Roads Lead To The Sea) 9When noon comes, you might have a walk among the pretty whitewashed houses situated in a labyrinth of tiny and winding streets. Everything is like in a fairy-tale which is mixed with so much beauty and art, quietness and peace. While wandering through il centro storico (historic center), for sure, you will stumble upon the extraordinary “poetic” staircase with Torquato Tasso’s quote as well as other “poetic” pieces painted  on the walls.

271 Tutte le strade portano al mare (All Roads Lead To The Sea) 11And art doesn’t stop here because Polignano a Mare makes you Volare (i.e. fly). “Penso che un sogno così non ritorni mai più. Mi dipingevo le mani e la faccia di blu. Poi d’improvviso venivo dal vento rapito, e incominciavo a volare nel cielo infinito.” [“I think such a dream will never come back. I painted my hands and my face blue. Then suddenly I was ravished by the wind. And I started flying in the infinite sky”]. Do you remember this piece of the lyrics from Domenico Modugno’s “Nel blu dipinto di blu” who was born in Polignano in 1928? Surely, you do. The effect of the song is even greater when you stand in front of his statue by the seafront in the area outside il centro storico. Looking at this great man with his ringent and up thrown arms, in showman pose in front of the picturesque view of the blue sky above and the celestial sea beneath, your heart starts singing and you start breathing freely.

271 Tutte le strade portano al mare (All Roads Lead To The Sea) 10Polignano a Mare isn’t amazing only in daytime but also at night and in the morning. The three extremely romantic cliff terraces from which couples look at the sea under the stars above, the wind in the hair and with the whisper of the sea in the ears. Or you will get the same romantic sentiment if you have dinner in the Grotta Palazzese Restaurant which is an amazing restaurant in a cave. What else? Of course, after this splendid and romantic night in Polignano a Mare, another awesome surprise which awaits you is to wake up in a hotel on one of the cliffs from where you might enjoy the morning gentle sun beams and the azure sea.

271 Tutte le strade portano al mare (All Roads Lead To The Sea) 13Hmmm … What did I do? Every second word in this post is dedicated to il mare (the sea). It’s inevitable because once again I am saying it’s sea-lovers’ Mecca where all streets will lead them to the sea and the sea terraces where they will kiss and hug one another and probably fall in love with each other. 🙂  This is really the nicest gift leap year babies can receive – Polignano a Mare. 🙂


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