Say Cheeseeeeee …….

269 Say Cheeseeeeee .......Definitely, self-portraits have always been preferred. There are too many cave drawings (some self-portraits, others not) made by prehistoric inhabitants. Then it was very fashionable to have a portrait made by famous painters (the instances are really hundreds of thousands), on the one hand, and on the other hand, those masters themselves left their self-portraits. After that the first photographic devices appeared and later they evolved into digital cameras owing to the development of Hi-techs. The latter have been substituted for mobile phones whose cameras are with a great resolution and too “mighty”. And this created one phenomenon – the selfie trend. If one says that they have never taken a selfie, they will simply lie. Even my Granny is aware of this phenomenon, she knows what a selfie is and she herself has already taken some selfies (and she is in her 80s 😀 ). So, following these new trends, what should we know about selfies?

Principally, it is more comfortable to you, if you have a long “stick” on which to place your mobile device. Thus your self-taken photos will be much better and from a distance (not passport-style). Moreover, the so-called stick gives you the chance to take one photo of you and your friends together. Of course, some will be like tiny (and even micro) indistinguishable figures placed in one of the corners of the pic, the others will be hidden behind someone else. No worries. At least you won’t be accused of being selfish and suffering from narcissism. And one more thing here. This photo with your friends in it, will remain a great memento for life.

What else do you need? A good background. Most of the photos I have stumbled upon are taken in front of the mirror. How boring. 🙂 In order to avoid such banal selfies, I would advise you to choose a better background, instead. You might use your wall with posters on it in your bedroom or your Mom and Dad’s colourful curtain with floral motifs. Nice, a? If you are somewhere in the street, you should be very careful with your choice because you risk being accompanied by a jerk in it who is just passing behind you and making stupid faces in front of your camera. Thus your selfie will be completely ruined and you will have to take it again.

Another issue with digital self-portraits is the way we take them. No matter we shoot them with a stick or without it, we do this with one hand. Normally, we are so excited about the photo we shall take in some seconds that we cannot stand still. Our hand trembles, we move our heads to the left and right looking for the best angle, we make an attempt to be as charming as possible and … and the final result is a strange and frightful ghost and a photo deviated from accurate focus. Apart from defocused photos, pics in darkness are also very common. This is due to the lack of light very often. So, when a selfie is taken, one should pay attention to the light as well.

In the end, let me take a selfie of myself. “Say cheeseeeee, Gery. Smileeeee.” Viola 😉 (Sorry, guys, I cheated you a little with the photo above. It was taken with my digital camera and the self-timer. 😀 )


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