Ciutat Comtal

268 Ciutat ComtalIf you need some sun now, hold on. We are heading for the Pearl of Cataluña (Ciudad Condal, The City of Counts). Barcelona is among the grandest cosmopolitan cities both in Europe and worldwide. It’s supposed to have been founded by Hercules 400 years before the establishment of Caput Mundi. Another legend related to the origin of the city tells that the city was created and established by Carthaginian Hamilcar Barca (Hannibal’s father). Consequently, the city was named Barcino, after his family, i.e. the Barca family of Carthage. No matter how old the mega polis is, today’s city of Barcelona has everything starting from impressive history and culture, historic monuments and plenty of amazing architectural works, museums and galleries, traditions, beaches, cuisine and interesting people. In other words said, there’s something for any taste and for anybody.

As a whole natives in Barcelona dress fairly informally and casually. A nice and stylish dress and high heels, for instance, would be a good choice for a night out at the restaurant or theatre.  Normally the city of Barcelona gets extremely hot and humid at summer time. Just on the opposite, Barcelona’s winters are mild and dry with average winter temperatures 9º – 10ºC in January and February. Nice, a? The “rainy season” in Barcelona is in autumn, more precisely from September to October and rains are occasional for the rest of the year.

And what should we bring with us for our stay in Barcelona? It’s good to wear lightweight clothing, t-shirts, sleeve-less shirts, skirts and (high-waisted) shorts in warm spring, summer and autumn months. Don’t forget your swimsuits as well because the water is usually warm enough to swim in late spring and fall. Pack your sandals for the beach and comfortable walking flat shoes for raiding Barcelona on foot.

Some light but warmer clothes (let us say, a cotton sweater, a light jacket or a warm coat) are highly recommended for cooler evenings and nights especially from September till late October. Then, from November through February some warm gear (such as fleece pullover, warmer coat and winter boots) are highly inevitable.

If you think that you’ve already conquered the City of Counts, it’s high time we visited another aristocrat, i.e. Rainha do Mar.


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