Beautiful Beyond Any Belief

265 Beautiful Beyond Any Belief 0I do believe most of you often dream of the brightness of the sky and the dazzling sun, of the unnaturally azure sea and breathtaking views. If you are such a dreamer, your place will be somewhere there on the Sorrento Peninsula that is situated in the south-western parts of Italy separating  il Golfo di Napoli (the Gulf of Naples) from il Golfo di Salerno (the Gulf of Salerno). And that place bears the simple name of ……

L   a       C   o   s   t   i   e   r   a       A   m   a   l   f   i   t   a   n   a

Yes, the Amalfi Coast has a simple name but it’s extremely rich and it possesses unique Mediterranean landscapes and natural beauty. It’s dotted by small and picturesque fishermen’s villages that attract visitors and locals alike with their vividness and bright colours.  These are the main reasons why the Coast is among one of the 50 Italian sites declared UNESCO World Heritage. And which are any of these pretty and tiny cities?

P   O   S   I   T   A   N   O

265 Beautiful Beyond Any Belief 10The town is like a siren placed on the stunning coastline. Probably it was “Poseidon’s idea” because the town bears his name. The God of Sea managed “to sculpture“ this splendid place, famous for its incredible, natural  beauty. This beauty is completed by the dome of Moorish style Church “Santa Maria Assunta”, which will charm and enchant you with its colours at sunrise. Speaking about sunrise, one of the most amazing things is to meet the sun on one of the two beaches of Positano –  Fornillo and La Spiaggia Grande and then dive into the celestial waters of La Grotta la Porta. What else? Yesss ….. The spectacular amphitheatre of the colourful houses of Positano leapfrogging up the Monte Commune and Monte Sant’Angelo will leave breathless while Il Sentiero degli Dei (the Path of Gods) will give you the feeling of being really a God. (By the way, Il Sentiero degli Dei connects the tiny village of Agerola to Nocelle and it offers the most awesome and breathtaking sea views).

A   M   A   L   F   I

265 Beautiful Beyond Any Belief 11It’s said that the town of Amalfi was named after Hercules’ lady of heart. He was in love with Nymph Amalfi. Unfortunately, she died and in order to immortalize her, he buried her in one of the most beautiful places of the world and named the settlement after her. Amalfi isn’t only a beautiful place but it has a rich history. It was the oldest maritime Republic of Italy. It was a mighty and prosperous trade centre in the Mediterranean basin whose merchants traded various goods starting from spices and scents and ending with silk and carpets. The numerous visitors who anchor in Almafi indulge in the historic heritage and natural beauty of this paradise of Italy.

R   A   V   E   L   L   O

265 Beautiful Beyond Any Belief 12And if you travel only 10km away from Amalfi, you will reach other paradise called Ravello – a place full of secrets, gardens and vividness. It’s one of the most beautiful pearls of La Costiera Amalfitana which is situated at a height of 350m above the sea level and gives you the most spectacular views of the Gulf of Salerno.  If you happen to visit the town in summer you will have the chance to attend the “Wagner Festival” which has been held annually since 1953. And why in Ravello? Richard Wagner visited the town and fell in love with the beauty of the Villa Rufolo. Thus owing to his own opera “Parsifal” Ravello turned into a gathering place for all music lovers who might enjoy a wide variety of music under the stars, close to i pini di Ravello (the postmark view of the town) , all the time facing the immense blue sea.

C’è forse di meglio nella vita? 🙂


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