Love and Jealousy

263 Love and JealousyLove is a nice thing but it becomes a nightmare and even leads to murders, when jealousy goes hand in hand with it. Jealousy is always manipulated by someone who either wants to obtain a higher post or just wants to take advantage of the situation. Then intrigues and gossips appear and they ruin lovers’ affection and marriage, and kill them. All this happens in Shakespeare’s Othello.

Othello is a Moorish general in the Venetian army. He secretly gets married to beautiful Desdemona (the beautiful daughter of Brabantio – a senator of Venice). Their secret is revealed to the senator by Roderigo. And why? Because Roderigo didn’t manage to obtain the post of a lieutenant since it has already been given to Cassio by Othello. The young man feels much underestimated. He seeks revenge at all costs and he is helped by Iago who also fights for the post. After the secret has already been revealed, Desdemona and Othello have no other choice but convince old Brabantio that they love each other despite their differences. At that moment the Duke is pressed to send his general to Cyprus where he should stop an Ottoman invasion. Thus the two birds in love leave for the island.

Iago’s Manipulations don’t stop here. He tricks Cassio in getting drunk and messing up in a street fight with Roderigo. Simultaneously the insidious man gives “friendly advice” to Cassio to go and ask Desdemona to help me. Of course, he should involve also Othello in this theatre. And what does he do? He makes the Commander believe that his beautiful wife is unfaithful to him and has a love affair with Cassio. The seed of jealousy and doubts is sown. Iago even goes to extremes. He manages to obtain Desdemona’s handkerchief secretly, to put fling it at Cassio’s place and then to show it to Othello as proof. This makes the Commander go mad with jealousy and it guarantees the post of a lieutenant to Iago.

The newly promoted lieutenant goes on. He convinces Roderigo to kill Cassio but the attempt is unsuccessful. Cassio is simply wounded in the leg. After this failure Iago slays Roderigo offhandedly because he doesn’t want his name to be implicated in this bloody affair and story of jealousy. Meanwhile, Iago accuses Bianca (Cassio’s mistress) of causing the injury. And finally Iago sends his wife – Emilia, to tell Desdemona what has happened. Unfortunately, the woman arrives too late. Othello has already reached a decision to kill his “unfaithful” wife. He kisses her first and then …. and then he kills her although she tries to assure him she is innocent. When Emilia acknowledges and confirms Desdemona’s innocence, Othello cannot bear the shame of having murdered his greatest love and he commits a suicide in front of Cassio and his body falls down on the bed beside Desdemona.

So, my dear ladies and gentlemen, always check your sources and whether they are reliable or not. Don’t blindly believe in one person only (a coin has always two sides, you know) and trust your partners more.


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