Ti amo solo te

262 Ti amo solo te

When you find somebody and he makes your heart stop for some seconds, be careful …  this person could be the most important person in your life.

When your eyes meet his and at this moment there is the same intense light between you, be sure this person can be the one you’ve waited for all your life … since your birth.

If the touch of your lips was intense, your kiss was passionate and your eyes were filled with desire at that moment, just know there is something magical between both of you.

If your first and last thought during the day is about him, if your desire to be with him holds you heart tight, be thankful to God because he has sent you a divine gift … love.

If one day you ask for an excuse and instead you receive a sincere hug and kiss and if he caresses your hair, words will be powerless. YES …. You were born for one another.

If for a reason you are sad or life hits you hard and you feel pain and sorrow, he will wipe and dry your tears with affection and love: what a marvelous thing 🙂 Be sure you might count on him anytime.

If he goes out with the intention to only feel your odor and scent or if he finds you amazing even in pyjamas and slippers and with disordered hair ….

If he cannot work all day long because he is deeply excited about seeing you …

If he cannot imagine his future without you …

If he is absolutely sure he wants to see you get older and if even at that time he is convinced that you both should go on and he is crazy for you ….

If he prefers to die first instead of seeing you die

… sooo, this is TRUE LOVE and it has entered your life. 🙂  It’s a gift. 🙂


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