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260 Today's ItalyProbably I have already said I am not such a fan of movies. It doesn’t mean I don’t like films and don’t watch them at all. No. 🙂 But it’s true I prefer reading books much more for some reasons. In the first place, the duration of a film is about two hours, two hours and a half. Or in other words said, the satisfaction of a film lasts less than that when you read a book. In the second place, some movies are based on a certain book. In such cases, the author of the book narrates the story with more details and in one way while a film director will shoot the film in another way. By the way, these facts didn’t stop me to “do a 6-dose injection” of six Italian movies last December and I should admit all of them were worth seeing. Here they are ….

Buongiorno, Papà (Out of the Blue).  Ladies, would you miss a movie with Raoul Bova? 😉 No?!  Okay, then this movie is only for you. 🙂 Andrea is a 40-year old, sexy man. He is still single. He is highly dedicated to his career and above all to one-night stands. On one nice day, 17-year old Layla Brighi knocks on his door and tells him he is her father. And the mess begins ….

Stai lontana da me (“Stay Away from Me”) is another romantic comedy. This time the major topic is related to a well-known topic – men’s fear to enter a relationship. Is it so difficult, dear gentlemen? Why should you believe you were cursed by a classmate of yours in your school years? And why should you use this as an excuse to avoid closeness with Her? 😉 If you were like Jacopo Leone, you wouldn’t go far in life no matter you are one the best family psychologists who could resolve the problems of couples.

Tutti I Santi giorni (“Every Blessed Day”) is a movie about a couple that struggles to have a baby. Guido is a dream boyfriend. Every morning he wakes up the lady of his heart (Antonia) with a cup of aromatic coffee with two spoons of love. Their goes on happily but unfortunately, their greatest desire to make a baby makes them meet people of all walks of life in an unknown for them environment.

La sedia della felicità (“The Chair of Happiness”) tells the story of Bruna and Dino. She is a young lady who works in a beauty centre when one day an old lady reveals her a story of treasure, precious stones and jewelry. After the old lady’s death in prison, young and irrational Bruna, throws herself impulsively in an adventure. Accidently she meets unknown Dino who is her helper and faithful companion in search of the treasure hidden in an old chair.

La nostra terra (“Mafia and Red Tomatoes”) and Perez are two movies that prefer more serious and topical plots. Although both films are drams, they are worth seeing.


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