Baby Kiss

259 Baby Kiss– Which technique have you used?
– Technique to do what?
– To not fall in love with me.
– Excuse me?
– How do you do it?
– How do I do what?
– How do you do it not to fall in love with me hopelessly? Do you use pills?
– No.
– Come on. Admit you use special pills.
– But it’s not true.
– Have you been cared for by an exorcist?
– No.
– Has lobotomy been made to you in order to remove from you that part of the brain that could make you fall in love with me?
– No.
– Have you attended a course?
– No.
– Have you been on a special diet?
– No.
– Are you ultracorps?
– Ultra … what?
– Ultracorps, “The Invasion of the ultracorps”.
– It’s unclear.
– So, you are.
– I wouldn’t say.
– Ok. I understood. You are not a volcano. Consequently you don’t have feelings. Everything’s logical with you. And you won’t be able to fall in love with me.
– Does it seem to you that I have pointed years?
– No, but you are very nice this way.
– Thank you.
– Consequently, how do you explain this extremely strange phenomenon?
– And if I fell in love with you?
– You would be completely different.
– Consequently, maybe you wouldn’t be able to stop?
– To annoy you with silly questions
– Yes, and to stop to kiss me.
– But I haven’t started kissing you either.
– Yes. Here we are…. Kiss me.


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