Ice and Sand

258 Ice and SandNature always inspires us. Its beauty as well as its natural resources contributes to the creation of real masterpieces. No matter one is on the beach or in the iciest places of the world, masterpieces are guaranteed. Creative people have already mastered the art of creating sculptures from ice and sand.

There are lots of “ice festivals” of incredible ice sculptures (only one example is the World Ice Art Championship in Alaska). They are made by artistic people who use snow and ice. They use all their skills to make them real. You would say that ice masterpieces are cold and without a soul. But you are not right. Although they are from snow and ice, they are vivid and fascinating. While walking among them, you would feel the magic power of the Ice Kingdom and its beautiful Snow Queen.

But castles could also be sculptured from sand. They are too original as well and surpass everybody’s imagination. The main ingredients are sand and water and that’s why most of the ”sand festivals” are organized and held close to a sea or ocean which adds additional splendor. The “sea” or “ocean” feeling is doubled when there are sand sculptures of a pirate or a mermaid nearby. What else? Of course, sand masters don’t put limits and their imagination creates too many other sand figures.



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