Along the Thames

256 Along the Thames“The city of London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. It started as an ancient Roman settlement scattered on the current site of today’s city along the Thames. Nowadays London is an administrative, economic, educational and fashion world centre visited by millions of tourists annually.” This is the brief description and the usual visit card of the city which you can come across in every tourist guide, book and on the Internet.

Now it’s time we thought what to pack for London…..

We can say that British fashion isn’t as chic as the French. It is mainly defined by the UK’s infamous and a time nasty, rainy weather that is quite quickly changeable and unpredictable (like a real woman).

Comfortable walking shoes, a pair of jeans and a T-shirt are enough for exploring and conquering London on foot. No doubts that pubs & night clubs can be raided in casual clothes. Of course, a nice evening outfit or two (and why not three) are necessary for a big night out at an elegant, chic, British-style, luxurious restaurant or to the Royal Theatre.

Normally, London winters are cold. Brrrr …. Even if the weather seems mild, after a few hours spent outside, you can get cold (even frozen) especially at night. That’s why warm jeans, a jumper or sweater …. what else ….. layers and all kinds of tights, leggings and knee-high socks are a must-wear in winter in London. For sure, comfortable waterproof ankle boots (rain boots, gum boots) should be taken for this period of the year (and even always). Don’t forget warm hats, gloves and a scarf at home because they will be of great help on a cold winter morning in London.

Spring time is the transition period between cold days in winter and warm ones in summer. Even in this period layers don’t have to be put aside and a regular jacket should be worn. A scarf, hat plus tights are still inevitable part of the outfit on chilly London day.

Summer can be very warm but at the same time it can be very wet. So, it’s a very good idea to take a cardigan and a warm scarf. Sandals are suitable for exploring the city of London in summer.

Fall is the second transition period of the year. Sometimes it could be warm in fall but some of the days could be colder. Woolly and woolen hats and light waterproof jackets as well as scarves, a jumper and a cardigan will come into use in this period of time.

Do you need some sun now?


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