A Night in Venice

255 A Night in VeniceLet’s imagine being in the 18th century Venice at dusk. People are dancing. Annina’s frutti di mare (seafood) and Pappacoda’s spaghetti are bringing much Italian spirit to this splendid night, a night that will turn into “Una notte a Venezia” …. a night which will “take the destiny of three couples into its hug”.  And how will this happen?

Bartolomeo Delacqua is one of the powerful senators of the present times, who tries to get and fill a post on the Guido’s (Duke of Urbino) estates. Unfortunately, the latter has obvious aspirations for his wife (Barbara) who is a well-known beauty in Venice. But he is not the only one who wants to be with her. Even Delacqua’s nephew-in-law – Enrico, is greatly enchanted by her and sends her a message to date her secretly. Being married to such a woman, the senator has no other choice but make a plan to send her in a gondola to the Island of Murano during the Carnival where she will be away from the Duke’s eyes. Said and done. He organizes her disappearance from Venice but unfortunately, his plans fail entirely for two reasons.

Naughty Barbara asks young Anina to play the role of the senator’s wife and take this trip to Murano, so that she herself can meet Enrico. And Anina agrees. On the other hand, the Duke’s personal barber and the young lady’s fiancé – Caramello, learns about the senator’s plan and shares it with the Duke. Thus they both make another plan, i.e. Caramello should get disguised as a gondolier and kidnap Barbara. Not knowing about the “ladies’ deal”, actually, he kidnaps his fiancée thinking that this is Barbara and he makes the greatest mistake – to flirt with her all the time during their gondola ride.

But that’s not the end of the story because ….  because Delacqua still wants to charm the Duke and get the post. He knows exactly how to do it. His wife is already on the Island of Murano and he will present Ciboletta (his wife’s chambermaid and Pappacoda’s fianceé) as Barbara to Guido.  Did you get who, actually, ruins everybody’s plans? Of course, this is the spaghetti-man – Pappacoda. He cunningly directs all of the plans in his favour and thus he succeeds in winning everyone’s trust.  He is the one who advises Delacqua to choose Ciboletta. And again it is Pappacoda who helps Caramello free his finaceé from the Duke.

It’s already midnight. Following the tradition, the carnival procession heads for La Piazza San Marco. Just before making their way to the Square, all of the characters get to know the truth. Ciboletta and Anina tell the Duke that real Barbara isn’t here right now. Caramello shares that he himself has been lied to. And finally, the senator’s wife comes back from the secret meeting with Enrico and as usual, she invents another story of how she was kidnapped by a gondolier and how many hardships she had to endure in Lido. She adds that thanks to Bartolomeo’s nephew-in-law, now she is free.

In the end, the Duke reaches an unexpected decision, namely, to give the post to Caramello and to get Pappacoda as his personal cook. After that scene the curtain falls and one of the most famous Strauss’ operettas (A Night in Venice) ends. Did you like it? .. Because I really did. 🙂


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