La Campanula

254 La Campanula“The Island of Emperors”, i.e. Capri, is one of the most amazing and awesome places on Earth. Its natural beauty and climate as well as historic heritage and legends make it even more fascinating to tourists from all over the world. When you wonder here and there along the tiny and pretty streets of the island, definitely, you also stumble upon various attracting symbols of Capri in the form of jewels and souvenirs, ceramic items and clothes in the numerous artisan shops.

The clothes and sandals, trousers and T-shirts that are part of i capi firmati della Moda Caprese (the designer clothes – Capri Fashion) are as colourful as ceramic handmade souvenirs and kitchen pottery and décor. Speaking about clothes, for sure, we cannot omit accessories and jewelry, that of Capri in particular, that go hand in hand with them. And what do I mean? Of course, you got it. I will dedicate the rest of this post to one of the most unique jewelry brands in the world, namely Chantecler.

The jewelry company was born in the middle of last century on the “Island of the Faraglioni”.  Its founders are Salvatore Aprea and Pietro Capuano who were two great friends and two different characters at the same time. Pietro was a cheerful party-goer who painted the town red till the early hours of the morning. His extravagant character was opposed to that of Salvatore who was a rebellious and very stubborn fellow. And what united them? …. Their passion for art and jewelry, La Dolce Vita style and the pure spirit of Capri.  Thus the brand was established and the first shop opened. And why was it named Chantecler? It was given this name because Capuano was often nicknamed like this after Edmond Rostand’s main character. Thus nowadays a rooster Chantecler is the main symbol of the jewelry brand. And which is the second one?

In this period of time the two friends presented a bronze cast campanula (bell) to President Roosevelt. He liked the gift symbolizing peace so much that he always wore it as an amulet (it’s still been kept in a museum in New York). That way Salvatore and Pietro managed to introduce “La Campana della fortuna” (“The Bell of Fortune”) and keep the ancient legend alive up to now. And here is the legend itself.

Once upon a time there was a small shepherd who lived with his mother and sheep in a very tiny hut. The little boy would bring the sheep to the meadows on the slopes of the Mount Solaro every day. Unfortunately, one day at nightfall, they were coming back home when the small shepherd was greatly impressed with the flowers around and started picking them. After some time he turned around and he could see his sheep nowhere. He started looking for it but in vain. At that very moment a strong anguish passed through his heart and made him helpless. Their beloved sheep gave them milk from which they produced cheese and after the lost he and his mother were destined to permanent hanger.

At that moment he heard a slight sound like a distant ring of a bell. He immediately thought it was the bell of his sheep and darted into the darkness. He was running fast on his naked feet without feeling any pain. He reached the nearby ravine and all of a sudden, a flash of light stopped the little boy. San Michele appeared from that beam of light on the back of his white horse. While the little boy was gazing at the Saint, he took down a small bell hung on his breasts and gave it to the kid saying to him that the bell would bring him luck and would protect him from any danger in life.

 The small shepherd was deeply thrilled with the precious gift from San Michele and came back home running as fast as he could. When he reached their little house, he immediately rushed into it and went to his ill mother. He took out the little bell and … and a miracle happened. He found their sheep. Their life changed. They built their own house which is now known as Villa “San Michele”. And all this happened owing to the little bell that is supposed to be one of the greatest symbols of Capri.

And you? Have you already taken your bring-luck-and-success bell from Capri? If you haven’t, do it as it will really protect you and be your talisman in your life.


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