The Lucky Scent

253 The Lucky Scent_1There are hundreds of thousands of dream islands but, for sure, one of the most renown of them is the “the Island of Emperors”, i.e. Capri, which is situated not far away from Sorrento by sea and la Costiera Amalfitana (the Amalfi Coast). There is no doubt that it represents the quintessence of the Italian “La Dolce Vita” in the best possible way. The reasons for that are too many. The natural beauty and rock formations, beaches and the crystal blue sea (at a time the colour is too unnaturally azure), the quietness of the island and its mild climate, the vivid life till dawn and the possibility of seeing a celerity on the island. Of course, there is one more unforgettable and distinctive feature of the island, namely its fragrance and essence – the lucky scent of Capri.

253 The Lucky Scent_2The amazing aroma of the island was born in Certosa di San Giacomo (The Carthusian Monastery of San Giacomo) on the island. Il Chiostro (or the cloister) was established by Giacomo Arucci in 1363 and it became well-known only 17 years later, according to the legend which goes like this.

In 1380 the Father Prior of la Certosa was caught unprepared and unaware of the news of the arrival of Queen Giovanna d’Angiò on the island. He didn’t have much time for any preparation and that’s why he just picked up a big bouquet of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers of the island. The Queen was greatly impressed. After her visit had ended, the Father Prior threw away the flowers but at that very moment he noticed that the water in which they had been in for three days, had acquired an exquisite, delicate and mysterious aroma unknown to him. Immediately he went straight to the alchemist of the Monastery and asked him to define the origin of the scent. It was “Garofilum Silvestre Caprese”. Thus that water became the first perfume and aroma of the Island of Capri.

253 The Lucky Scent_3The lucky scent was produced by the monks of the island but it was lost. Fortunately, it was re-discovered by the Father Prior in 1948. Thus the old and legendary formulas of the perfumes were revived. He also asked the Pope’s special permission and then he revealed them to a chemist from Turin. After having been shared, the latter reopened the antique laboratory which he called “Carthusia” (i.e. Certosa). The Carthusian monks’ mythic fragrances were continued and a limited production was started following the old methods of distillation in the smallest laboratory in the world.  Since then Carthusia has been the symbol of I profumi di Capri (the perfumes of Capri) of high quality and of natural products only.  253 The Lucky Scent_4The major ingredients are geranium, amber, wild carnation and fig and rosemary. And what is the main essence for men and women? Men enjoy essences of rosemary picked up on il Monte Solaro while indulge in the aroma of fragrances of the Caprese wild carnation.

So, guys, keep the nicest memories from the travel and holiday afterwards and choose your fragrance of Capri among the 20th perfumes of the island which will remain a reminder of the sun-baked earth and beauty of the Island of Emperors.


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