Turn On The Spit

250 Turn On The SpitMany countries have their specialties that distinguish them from the others. The first examples that pop up into my mind are i sapori d’Italia and Mr Panzerotto which are one of the most popular instances of Italian cuisine and fast food. Greece also has its traditional Greek dish and it is called gyro.

The name originates from the Greek word γύρος which means ‘to turn’ which is, actually, related to the way of slowly roasting the meat on a vertical spit. Firstly, the outermost layer of the meat is carefully “shaven off”. Thus the uncooked parts are exposed to a heat treatment. In effect, Middle Eastern shawarma, Turkish döner kebap and Mexican tacos al pastor are prepared in the same way, i.e. meat is roasted and then cut from a spit with a long, sharp knife.

And what does a gyro consist of? In the first place, meat could be chosen. It could be pork, chicken and lamb (a combination of all these is also possible). A veal gyro is referred to as a “doner” (ντονέρ) in Greece and Cyprus. The small meat cubes are grilled with slices of onion, peppers and tomatoes. Then tzatziki (or sometimes yoghurt sauce) is added to the grilled mixture. The Greeks add French fries very often as well.

How is a gyro served? All these ingredients are stuffed inside pita pockets. But it’s not extraordinary at all for them to be placed in a plate. Pita bread comes first. After that meat cubes are spread out together with the onion, peppers and tomatoes. Tzaziki can be put aside in the plate (not over the grilled mixture).

What would you say, a? Would you dare taste it? No worries. I can assure you it is extremely delicious. Yummy-yummy 🙂



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