Amore … Mare … Sole …

245 Amore ... Mare ... Sole ...Al sorgere del sole la vita dei cittadini di Punta Scutolo “si sveglia”. La penisola sorrentina è “bagnata” nel sole abbagliante. L’acqua cristallina e il mare blu “salutano” i pescatori che preparono per la pesca d’oggi. Allo stesso tempo anche il mercato “si sveglia” e racconta varie storie nascoste d’amore. Al tramonto il mare e il Vesuvio rendono una “scena” spettacolare all’orizonte. La gente canta. La festa comincia. La festa che è illuminata dalle stelle nel cielo, durante la quale si cantano solo delle canzoni napoletane.”

Maybe non Italian-speaking readers will face a problem with the beginning of this post. No worries, guys, I will recall the short story about the daily life to you in English in the paragraphs to follow. Shall we get started? Imagine ……

At sunrise the life of the residents of Punta Scutolo “wakes up”. It is a tiny but magic settlement on the Sorrento Peninsula from where one indulges in the most amazing views of the whole peninsula, “soaked” by the dazzling sun. One of the major “culprits” for this is the blue sea with its crystal clear water. At this early time of the day fishermen are getting prepared for their daily activity – fishing and the air is filled in with their cheerful songs like “Piscatore ‘e Pusillepo“,“O marenariello“ and “Machelemmà“.  

At the same time the market meets the new day. It attracts its citizens who do the daily shopping at the early hours of the day. The market place is filled in with joyful chats, gossips and rumours. It hides love stories but also stories of jealousy, courtship and quarrels. And all this happens under the rhythm of the Tarantella and  “A città ‘e pulecenella“,“Ti voglio bene assai“,“Santa Lucia“,“O paese d’o sole“,“O surdato nnammmurato“.

At sunset the sea and the Vesuvius create one spectacular and romantic scene at the horizon. This makes one sing about love. This environment and the amazing landscapes inspired and enchanted the artists of the Grand Tour and the remain still unchanged through songs (like “O sapore de’ cerase” aaaand “O Sole mio”) which were written and born namely at these places.

And of course, the day of the residents of Punta Scutolo ends with a feast. La piazza (the square) is illuminated by the stars above in the sky. Additionally, the lights of fireworks make the scene more splendid. Ordinary people enjoy la Trantella. They sing about the joy of life, thus being ready to meet tomorrow, another day of love and work. And which are their songs? Comme facette mammeta …..  Funiculì, Funiculà.

Well, this is the end of day and end of the spectacle of the Teatro Tasso in Sorrento. The great music just grabs you from the beginning and holds you bewitched to the very, very end. And it cannot be otherwise. 🙂  You fall in love with the daily life of people from the south, their spontaneous attitude, the folk traditions and their ability to find joy every moment, every day. Nice, a? 🙂

Torna a Sorriento


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