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243 Stylish and ComfySome think that the hardest thing when we travel is the moment when we prepare our baggage. Lots of people list all the items some weeks before the journey and fulfill the tasks one by one. I used “travel app myself”. But I have not already been doing it so often as I considered myself a very experienced tourist & adventurer who knows what to take and where to put it in the suitcase.

If you have already packed all the travel stuff like docs, money, medical supplies, umbrellas and so on so forth, you should think over what clothes you should take with you on your vacation.  So, stop for a while and think about: what you will wear, what kind of place it is and  what the weather is at the place where you’re going. Then decide what clothes to take with you. Of course, clothes which also have to be alla moda and comfortable. 😉

The following series of short posts will give you a glimpse of what to pack for your journey to the Moral Capital of Italy, the City of Love, the place where you will London Yourself, the Pearl of Cataluña, the Beautiful Lily of Europe, the Cycladic Sky-blue-white and the Chest of Golden Coins. And let us start from ……

Italian people are known for their style and for wearing fashionable, stylish and trendy clothes even for a simple “trip” to the nearby shop in the residential complex or the closest market around. This is particularly true in larger cities like the Eternal City, the cradle of the Renaissance and of course, Milan. The latter is one of the most fashionable cities in the world and is supposed to be one of the world’s fashion capitals together with Paris and London.  When visiting Milan, a good rule of thumb is to bring mainly stylish, new and comfortable clothes because you will most probably spend your time  (let us say numerous hours) raiding the city’s elegant and shining shopping streets, higher-end shops and commercial centres. What would you say about narrow jeans and a stylish top? They would be a very good choice.

Don’t forget accessories that are very popular among the Italians who have almost mastered the art of scarf-wearing and dark sunglasses as well as of luxurious and big bags and purses. Principally, sky-high stilettos are worn with grace along the uneven cobblestone streets of Milan but for ordinary tourists like you comfy and fashionable flat, riding-style boots or ballet flats are quite appropriate. If you visit the town in spring and autumn, bring outwear.  As for colder seasons of the year winter jackets (often in floor-length styles) will do a good job. The weather in winter is cold and foggy. The month of December is the driest and coldest month of the year. The Alps and Apennines form somehow a natural shield and in this way they  protect the city from Arctic circulations. On the opposite, summers in Milan are humid and dry. The city is often stricken by heat waves, especially in the hottest months of the year – July and August. Spring and autumn are the “rainy season” and if you are there in May you might get drown to the backbone.

Moving forward, we are reaching the City of Love.


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