From Greece To The United Kingdom

239 From Greece To The United KingdomEvery country has legends that are half exaggerated, half true. Of course, I have no chance to recount all of them in this post that’s why we shall take a short trip from the south to the north, from Greece to the United Kingdom. Most probably, you are wondering what this trip will be and what the connection between these posts is exactly … Well, let us say that journey will be through centuries and the unifying element is a legend.

All Hellenic legends are related to the 12 Olympian Gods (the leaders being Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades, Apollo, Poseidon, Athena) that defeated the Titans in the Titan War thus creating their home on the Mount Olympus. The highest Greek mountain consists of 52 peaks and lots of caves which were the dwellings of the Gods. On the other hand, the island of Crete and more precisely Knossos is the home of the mythical half-man, half-bull, i.e. Minotaur, that lived in a Labyrinth.

Now we shall deviate a little bit and we shall have a stop at the site of the ruins of Troy in Turkey. The city was the setting of the Trojan War which was well documented by Homer in his Iliad. The epic poem depicted legendary heroes. Do you remember any of them?  Of course, Achilles, Prince Hector and King Priam are the first to be mentioned. And last thing here. The wooden horse (although a replica today) is still there, welcoming tourists from all over the world.

Now it’s high time we left the South and leave for the North where we shall meet Robin Hood and his Merry Men who robbed the rich for the sake of the poor. The legendary outlaw and skillful swordsman and archer had a hideout in the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest. The English Forest is situated in Nottinghamshire and once upon a time it was the setting of the myths about Robin Hood. The fabled outlaw was a hero but there is scarce historical evidence of his existence.

We shall end our journey with King Arthur in Scotland. The legendary Romano-British King ruled those lands with his pretty Queen Guinevere (who betrayed him, unfortunately) and his wizard Merlin. Their castle was Camelot and was situated on the major peak called Arthur’s Seat in Holyrood Park in the city of Edinburgh. Even though there is no historical and archeological evidence about this, nowadays the hill offers breathtaking birds’ eye views to the city.


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