The Song of The Sea

238 The Song of The SeaMusic is everywhere. It surrounds us and it gives a meaning to our lives. It is inseparable part of our daily existence and it makes it more colourful.  Music could cheer us up and lift us up. Probably you are thinking only about the music created by genius singers and composers. But what would say about the music of nature and more precisely of the sea? Can you imagine sea waves creating music and singing their songs? Why not? It would be possible with some more imagination, natural forces and some human interventions. The proof is Zadar in Croatia.

A Croatian architect named Nikola Bašić mixed up the power of Mother Nature and the sounds of thirty five organ pipes in order to create his nature-based musical organ. The instrument is placed some plus minus 200 metres from the Adriatic Sea. It resembles a staircase and each step consists of 5 organ pipes embedded in the cement. Thus this natural organ produces various cords when waves come and go. They go through narrow and tiny channels connecting the steps and sea water pushes air throughout the pipes creating sweet and dreamy sounds.

The most incredible thing about this sea organ is that it never creates the same sounds and the notes differ every time like in love. We hear the gentle and melodic song of joy and happiness and next moment it turns into sadness and grief. But no matter what the sound is, this place of Zadar is an attraction for both tourists and locals alike especially at sunset when the sun goes down and escapes behind the huge body of the sea.


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