Past, Present, Future

237 Past, Present, FutureThe new generations of the 21st century have a different way of life compared to that of our parents and grandparents. Children used to go out to play in the playgrounds in the past as well as they weren’t so “hi-tech”. Adults managed to cope with their daily tasks without using the Internet at all.  As a whole, people could do without gadgets and technologies like mobile phones, tablets and laptops because they simply didn’t exist. But we know everything changes including our lives. Of course, any change has its both positive and negative sides and we shouldn’t complain so much.

If you open the Internet, you will see too many funny photos showing and comparing today’s life and that of the past. Most of them are connected with the usage of hi-tech gadgets. I myself have stumbled upon several such cartoons. What does a how-will-people-get-married-in-future photo look like, in your opinion, as per these photos? Right …. 🙂 After the priest declares a woman and a man a family, the newly married will change their status (instead of kissing one another). Then imagine them spending their first wedding night with laptops in hands. Their cables are connected to a printer from where their first baby “is printed” immediately (This is much faster, isn’t it? Why should we wait 9 months for a baby to be born?). Or another funny pic shows a medical check of a pregnant woman whose baby is too “hi-tech” and is working on a laptop in the womb (another example that new generations are more advanced than us). And when this baby meets life the first thing his/her proud father does is to update his profile (instead of getting drunk from happiness, let’s say).  Okay okay …. I will stop here. 🙂 These are only funny pics that make us smile in our dark daily lives.

Now let us imagine you’re eating spaghetti (yummy yummy …we all love them). How will you show the world that you are eating them right now? I suggest that you start with this post: “I like spaghetti” and after some time (or even immediately), for sure, you will get some thousand likes and comments from your friends who are sitting near you at the same table in the restaurant. Then continue with a hashtag message saying “I am eating #spaghetti” and it will enforce your activity.  You should also say where you are eating them. Why don’t you use the following: “This is where I am eating spaghetti”? Of course, you ought to prove all these statements with images and video. That’s why, prepare your phone camera and take a photo of your spaghetti and then shoot a short video on how you are fighting with them, armed with a fork in hand and a smile on your face.

In order to attract more audience, you might write down messages saying: “Here is a vintage photo of my spaghetti” and “See how I am eating my spaghetti” before sharing your masterpieces.  Hmmm … Speaking about photo and video sharing, you might also upload your own recipe of cooking spaghetti with the following slogan: “Here is my spaghetti recipe” and then place your spaghetti song prompting your friends like this: “Listen to my spaghetti song … Poron pom poooo”.

Hold on, guys, there are two other brief messages which you could write and you might start your lunch (after your spaghetti are already cold and not so tasty, some will say). If you want to emphasize on your skills and want to represent yourself better, you might add the following things “My skills include spaghetti eating” and “I am a proud employee who loves eating spaghetti”. Now you are done and you can start your lunch with the clear conscience that the whole world knows about your spaghetti.

After having shared these few humble, funny instances, I can only add that we do need the Internet and High Technologies nowadays because they make our lives easier and better. We can find the info we need in some clicks. We keep in touch with our friends who live in all corners of the world. And, of course, we complete our tasks much faster at work because we don’t rely on pigeons anymore in order to get our letters delivered to our counterparts and business partners. So, the conclusion might be that we should absolutely take advantage of modern gadgets using them at work and for fun but we shouldn’t exaggerate. We mustn’t neglect them because they are part of our lives and they are our future.


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