I Am Not Able To Live With A Woman. But I Cannot Live Without Her At All

230 I Am Not Able To Live With A woman. But I Cannot Live Without Her At AllWhile the Indian God-Creator Tvashtri was creating the world and man, he ran out of materials and he didn’t know what to create the first woman from. And he started thinking about it. After having thought a lot he decided to take:

the round shape of the Moon

the wavy line of the snake

the gentle shakes of the grass

the velvet tenderness of the flowers and leaves

the look of the roe deer

the tears of the clouds

the inconsistent temper of the wind

the fear and fright of the rabbit

the softness of the down

the hardness of the diamond

the sweetness of honey

the warmth of fire

the chill of the snow

the vanity of the peacock

and the pigeon cooing.

He used all this and mixed them up and thus he created the woman. After that the God-Creator gifted her to the man. But after one week the man got back to the God.

– Tvashtri, the creature that you gave me, is embittering my life. She is constantly speaking. And she always wants me to talk to her. She is always making me do this and that. She is permanently changing her mood – she is furious with me now and next moment she is extremely gentle. She wants to be with me every second.She isn’t leaving me at peace even for a moment! I came to you to ask you to take her back.

And the God did it. He took her back. But after one week, the man returned and said to the God.

– I have been extremely lonely since I left that creature to you. I cannot forget how she danced and sang, how she looked at me and how amazing she was when she loved me. She made me feel almighty…..

And God Tvashtri gave him back the woman. The man again paid a visit to him only after three days.

– “Tvashtri”, he said, “what can I do? The creature is continuing annoying me. She is permanently getting on my nerves. I am desperate and helpless. I am not able to live with a woman. But I cannot live without her at all!”

And Tvashtri answered him:

– It is meant to be like this. I gave you a woman but actually, I gave you to her. I made you dependent on her power so that you can become stronger. A women will be for you the water river that burnishes the tiny stone and shapes it making it shiny and gentle. Take your faith and be grateful! And you … be her support and safe harbour. Let her love you. Let your guard down. Open your heart to her. Accept her. Let her captivate you. Let her win the victory because it’s the only battle in your life which could be won only if you lose it …. 🙂


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