Dolce vita

227 Dolce vitaOne can feel the atmosphere and rhythm of Italy in many ways – when they travel and meet locals, through books and movies. There are too many Italian films that truly describe the life in the country, the differences between the North and South as well as the behaviour and manners of the Italians. Here are some movie examples that give you an idea what you might expect if you happen to visit Il Bel Paese.

Under the Tuscan Sun is an old, 2003 film about a recently divorced woman writer who gets a total recovery from the pains of her marriage in the beautiful region of Tuscany. There are lots of movies and even books on that topic (by the way that film is based on Frances Mayes’ book with the same name) but that particular movie possesses some extraordinary charm, indeed. Thus it shows the beauty of la bella Toscana, its food temptations and wine, the hospitality of the locals and quiet and pretty nature that enchants anyone. So, if you wanna start your journey, go go go.

Hmmm ….. If you travel a little bit southwards, there is no doubt that your way will lead you to la Città Eterna  because tutte le strade conducono a Roma (all roads lead to Rome). That’s why even great Woody Allen has chosen the Italian capital for his plot of his 2012 movie. To Rome with Love is a very romantic comedy whose action takes place nella città eterna. The combination between the beautiful city’s landscapes and marvellous, realistic plot makes the movie worth watching it. And if you don’t believe it, here is the proof.

Moving even more to the South, you will enter “another Italy” where you will find a real treasure like the brightness of the Sky, the dazzling Sun as well as the white milk bath from which the Moon emerges almost every night. So, don’t hesitate to come here e Benvenuti al Sud. People from Southern Italy are extremely gentle and hospitable, with a great sense of humor. Although they are often nicknamed as terroni (it is almost a negative nickname given by northerners), they are good-hearted men and women who are more emotional, use gestures too much and speak their “sh”-Italian which isn’t understandable even to the rest of the Italians at a time.

And what happens when such a good person goes to the North where people are “colder and don’t eat healthily, work too much and don’t have time for their families”? Will this guy survive in the Big City where people still believe in myths and legends about i meridionali (southerners)? Of course, he will because although the northern rhythm of life is rather different from that in Castellbate, Milan offers too many chances for a career, for example (… but the city also changes people). But finally, Italians are Italians and all are Benvenuti al Nord.



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