The Colossus of the Apennines

224 The Colossus of the ApenninesHellas had its own Colossus in 280 BC. The 30-metre high bronze cult statue was erected in honour of the Greek Titan – Helios who always played a significant role on Rhodes. It was built in the town of Rhodes and to celebrate a Rhodes’ victory. Unfortunately, the Colossus of Rhodes, as it was named, was distracted by an earthquake. The locals weren’t allowed to gather the remains and then to rebuild the statue and when the Ottoman invasion occurred, the ruins were carried off entirely. That’s why nowadays we cannot see it but at the entrance of that island’s main harbor where it stood, now there are two statues of deer near the Lighthouse of Alexandria.

Unlike the Hellenic island, Italy has still got its Colossus that is often nicknamed as the Colossus of the Apennines. It is situated in the Park of Pratolino which is only a few kilometers far away from Florence. The park is really a masterpiece of nature and art and it was declared UNESCO heritage because of the 10-metre marvellous statue of a colossus.

It is the greatest attraction of that place. It’s a splendid statue sculptured by Flemish artist Jean de Boulogne or better known as Giambologna in 1580. The Colossus is hidden among the caves and cascades of playing water.  Looked at from below it looks really awesome. It represents a bearded and naked giant which leans over a small pond, all this being like a fantasy film. The Colossus looks like a God, or better like an ancient guardian of Earth and nature. He stretches his hand and holds the head of a snake from whose mouth water flows.

But the greatest mystery is that the statue hides secrets. Apart from the visible cave, there are rooms in the body and head of the Colossus himself which are reachable through a staircase at the back of the statue. Thus going inside, one really has the feeling of being in the body of a giant.

So, if you have the time, don’t miss the chance to visit and admire the unique art of that kind and live out an epic adventure. Enjoy it. 🙂


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