Ladies and Gentlemen, Fasten Your Seat Belts

219 Ladies and Gentlemen, Fasten Your Seat BeltsSome say that airplanes are not that convenient means of transport because there are too many checks and passengers are “dressed and undressed” at airports. You wait for your plane for hours and try to kill time by rushing the free shops. Others add that travelling by plane is dangerous for your health because of the pressure during landings and take-offs. Yes, all this is true but in my opinion it’s a nice means that saves you too much time when you cross the Ocean, for example, and not only. The pros and cons are too many. 🙂 And that’s the reason why I won’t discuss them all.The aim of the post is completely different. But before that …

“Ladies and Gentlemen and cabin crew, fasten your seat belts since you will need them, for sure. We will take off in some minutes at some of the scariest airports in the world. Keep calm and enjoy your flight.”

Our first destination will be a small island country and one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean basin. Sint Maarten is a Dutch constituent country that encompasses 40% of the island while the rest 60% belong to Saint-Martin (the French overseas collectivities). The capital is Philipsburg and the island has two airports being among the most dangerous ones in the world. If you have to land or take off at/from the Princess Juliana International Airport you will have a very hairy landing or take-off, indeed. I am saying this because your plane will fly over a part of a beach on which holiday-makers have a rest happily in the crystal clear water or on the white-silver sand. Then your pilot should cross over a fence and after that pass over a road before landing on the runway. And the landing strip is too short (only 7 150 feet) in case 8 000-10 000-feet strips are needed for heavy airplanes, principally. That’s why jumbos are the most optimal choice for this destination.

Speaking about the length of the runway, the other airport of Sint Maarten is considered the airport with the shortest runway in the world. The Saba International Airport is a commercial airport and is situated 28 miles in southern direction. Its landing strips are only 400 metres long. Incredible, isn’t it? If you desire to land there your pilot will have to be an extremely skilful and sharp-shooting guy.

How would you feel, if you have to land or take off on ice? I myself cannot imagine it. But yes, it is true. There is one airport on ice in the world. And it is situated at the coldest place on Earth, i.e. in Antarctica. The amazing thing in the whole story is that the runway is icy and slippery. When a plane lands there its weight should be precise because it risks breaking the ice underneath the ice landing strip or getting stuck in the snow.

It’s not a less nightmare to navigate the popular Alps Mountains in France before landing or taking-off, especially when the runway is just 525 metres long. These are the conditions of the French Courchevel International Airport which is the nth nail-biting and most dangerous airport in the world. The goosebumps are guaranteed as airplane must touch down at the inclined angles in order to slow down the speed.

And finally, you might happen to land and take off near the sea or ocean. If you come to the Island of the Nymphs by plane, you will have an absolutely amazing adventure since the landing strip is only one and is in the sea. That’s why it’s known that only extremely skillful pilots can land and take off a plane at the Ioannis Kapodistrias (Capodistrias) International Airport. No matter you are on the plane or somewhere on the hills of Kanoni, spectacular aerial views are guaranteed.

“Ladies and Gentleman, the Captain and the cabin crew thank you for choosing us. Have a great time and see you soon again at the scariest airports in the world.”


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