Arcani maggiori dei Tarocchi

220 Arcani maggiori dei TarocchiWe all know the gorgeous Park Güell in the Pearl of Cataluña that is one of the most famous masterpieces of the Genius of Colours and Forms. There is no doubt that the park is one of the many symbols of the city visited by millions of tourists annually. But do you know that Italy has such a similar artistic park as well, situated in the province of Grosseto, on the border between Tuscany and Lazio? The most awkward thing is that, actually, Giardino dei Tarocchi or Parco di Garavicchio (its names) was created by Niki de Sant Phall who was a French lady by origin whose dream came true.

After having visited the Park Güell of Gaudì in Barcelona in 1955, she fell under the magic spell of the master and she decided to realize such a garden using mirrors, ceramics and found objects. Owing to friends’ support as well as thanks to part of the terrain in Garavicchio, donated by Nicola e Carlo Caracciolo, helped the talented artist make her dream come true. Thus Niki and his team of creative and extremely talented artist, sculptors and painters constructed the park and she himself dedicated the rest of her life to that project.

The park was officially inaugurated and opened to the public in 1998. Unfortunately, after his death (in 2002) the works were suspended forever. Since 2008 the terrain with the unfinished masterpieces has been under the protection of a Tuscan organization.

Nowadays one might visit Giardino dei Tarocchi where they will find out 24 sculptures inspired by the most magic Arcana tarot cards. They all are connected to one anther through cement paths under which there are numbers, thoughts and quotes written in honour to the great artist. After having gone down the small but magnificent flight of steps, visitors reach the central square and a huge amphitheatre where extremely tall and colourful statues welcome people. Having admired “La Porta del Sole” (“The Gateway of Sun”), tourists come across “The Magician” and “The High Priestess”, “The Empress Sphix” and “The Pope” which are followed by “The Justice” and “The Emperor”. Last but not least, visitors don’t omit “The Empress” and “The Force”. “The Empress” hides a house whose walls are covered with pieces of Venetian mirrors. Finally, “The Force” represents the eleventh Arcano dei Tarocchi and woman with an invisible thread tightened around an enormous, green dragon.

Being in the province of Grosseto, admirers of medieval villages could take a walk in Capalbio. It’s a typical Tuscan village with tiny streets, stone houses and balconies decorated with flowers. The photos you will take of that charming place will be like postcards and the meal of a wild boar typical for Grosseto will leave you absolutely delighted.


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